Moose’s Success Story

Moose’s Success Story

Hey everyone, Moose here! Just wanted to let everyone know how I’m doing. My new family calls me Timber and I love it here! I have three awesome golden brothers who showed me the ropes and made me feel comfortable in my new home. I love to go for walks with my family and play with my brothers and my favorite toy, my blue cake “stuffie”. I am my family’s “woofie” security system and they absolutely love my gentle, calm demeanor. My mom says I am the “best dog ever!”

My family knew that they had received a “precious gift of gold” as soon as they saw me and observed that I was the perfect Southern Senior Gentleman! I inherited a lot of my good manners from my fur mom as well as Mrs. Stacy who was such a good foster. I don’t push my brothers around, I wait my turn, and I’m always calm. My forever mom wants me to teach my brothers a thing or two, but I’m usually more comfortable going with the flow!  My calm demeanor doesn’t mean I don’t protect my family! I like sitting by the front door and barking at whoever passes by! A reassuring “we see them, it’s okay” from my parents is usually enough to get me to stop. My mom says they are lucky to have me for security.

My family has a ton of dog toys but my favorite is the stuffed blue cake I got for my birthday on Christmas Eve. In fact, my brothers know that it is special to me and it’s the only toy we have that isn’t ripped! I also love taking walks with my brothers and dad and my mom says that I always have a prance in my step. My even stride makes the bell that I wear around my neck ring and my leash manners are impeccable. When I’m at home, I love to lie on the couch and watch Hallmark movies, especially the holiday ones (I am a Christmas Eve baby after all!).

My new family absolutely loves me to pieces and would like to thank everyone at GRRMF who helped me get to this point. I would too, particularly Mrs. Stacy and the rest of my foster family. You all are awesome!



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