Ella Mila’s Success Story

Ella Mila’s Success Story

Ella, Ella, ever the Cinder-ella story!

Ella arrived one day at what was originally meant to be her temporary foster home, since her parents are an approved foster family. They had also applied for and had been approved to adopt.

Waiting patiently for their name to move up the list, they were finally nearing the top, hoping to be matched with an energetic male when they received a call asking if they were available to foster Ella. Their answer was an eager and unequivocal “yes.” A mere three hours later, a car pulled up in front of their house, the car door opened, and the most beautiful golden girl her family had ever seen bounded out and ran straight into her future mom’s arms.

She knew, instinctively and instantaneously, that Ella was well and truly “home.” She’s equally convinced that elegant Ella felt the same way. To say this “golden girl” instantly stole her parents’ hearts is an understatement! And so, with a new home came a new name. Ella Mila now answers to Delta Dawn.

Her adoptive family is still an active part of the GRRMF foster team, and this automatically includes one very delighted Delta. She’s not only excited but exuberant whenever new dogs arrive, sharing her babies (stuffed animals) with them, teaching them how to chase lizards and showing them the cows when they go on walks together.

And because her besotted parents include her as often as possible in their own excursions, Delta’s joyfully joins them on everything from day trips that involve exploring the state to visiting Tractor Supply, Rural King and Lowe’s. Needless to say, Delta lets her light shine wherever she goes, while her “golden” personality charms everyone she meets.

Perhaps her best day ever was the day of the GRRMF reunion where she met so many “sisters” and “brothers” from “other mothers.”


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