Lucy’s Success Story

Lucy’s Success Story

When Lucy’s original owner died, she was lucky to find her forever home with Bonnie and Reid, who were thrilled to have another Golden in the home after their 16-year-old Abbey passed away the year before. The house had been quite lonely, and Bonnie and Reid were so happy when they found out they could adopt Lucy.

According to Bonnie, Lucy “is a true Velcro dog” who lies at her feet all day at home and at work.  At night, Lucy is always right under their feet. Unlike most Goldens, Lucy does not like the water; her favorite activity is going on walks.  Bonnie guesses that Lucy must not have had many toys or balls in her early life; in fact, Lucy does not even seem to know what a tennis ball is. When they go to the beach, Lucy does not get in the Gulf or play with other dogs; instead, she loves to just lie next to Bonnie’s beach chair.

Lucy has learned to climb stairs and has trimmed down since she was adopted. She has a lot of spunk for a 10-year old and is also an excellent backseat rider. Lucy loves to make summer trips to Philadelphia.  When left in a hotel room, however, Lucy will bark because she misses Bonnie and Reid, so they must stay close and also bring Lucy food.  Lucy is truly loved, and she gives Bonnie and Reid plenty of love and companionship in return.


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