Bella Janelle’s Success Story

Bella Janelle’s Success Story

Just like in the classic story, Beauty and the Beast, Belle got her fairy tale ending with a loving family.  A bit neglected by her original owners, Belle came to GRRMF scared and unsure of herself.  Luckily, her new parents looked past her fear and shyness and saw the sparkle of Belle’s true nature.

Her new mom says they were so excited to bring Belle home and to meet her new brother, Chance.  (Chance is also a rescued GRRMF pooch.)  Her mom knew at once that Belle was the perfect fit when both dogs jumped into the pool and started playing together.  Belle and Chance splashed around then got out and rolled in the grass with reckless abandon.  The two think it’s great fun to run, chase balls and have a blast together.

Belle has a quiet side as well and thinks she’s a lap dog!  She loves to be loved and will allow both her new parents to scratch, tickle, and give her lots of belly rubs.  Belle is definitely daddy’s little girl though. Her mom says, “She loves her human dad so much, she’s always at his heels.”  Belle is being trained as a therapy dog through Project Pup, a local charity that connects seniors and loving pets.  Belle’s mom says Belle can’t get enough of being with people.

For Belle and her new family, their dreams came true.  You know it’s a happily ever after when her human family thinks Belle’s snoring while she sleeps is cute!   Fairy tales can come true – they did for Belle!


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