Bear Alec’s Success Story

Bear Alec’s Success Story

Bear is very sweet and a happy pup with his new family and he has boundless energy! He loves to go for walks and meet new people and dogs around the neighborhood.  His friendliness and personality make him a fan favorite! He also enjoys the dog park where he can socialize with the other dogs and run around and chase them. He is a very upbeat dog and is a ray of sunshine in his new family’s life. They are totally in love with him and were at first sight!

When he first arrived at his forever home, Bear was super comfortable and acted like he had always lived there! He loves his two dog bed “nests” that his owners got him and he sleeps in their bedroom every night. His “built-in alarm clock” has everyone up at 7 AM, waking them with kisses and waiting to go for his morning walk. He also knows his walking schedule throughout the day and will let you know when it’s time with a wet nose on the leg! And when he gets impatient with waiting, he has a crazy howl to get your attention that his mom says sounds like he’s talking to you!

Bear LOVES to play with his toys and he’ll run around the house with the canvas bag! He particularly enjoys toys that squeak and will pull and chew until he finds the squeaker. He also likes to take his plastic ball that has a squeaker and drop it near someone when he wants to play with them, and he will also roll around his Kong ball to get his treats!

Bear is a very smart dog and has made great strides with his training since arriving at his forever home. His mom says that he used to be quite the counter surfer, but putting him in his kennel while they were making food and then releasing him has pretty much broken him of the habit. He also used to jump a lot but working with a trainer helped alleviate this. It also has helped that Bear is very food motivated! He’ll do almost anything for food! Unfortunately, quarantine cut short his obedience class, where he was doing very well and loved to run around and play with the other dogs. However, his mom hopes that once things get better, he will be able to go to another class.

Bear’s owners were elated to welcome him into their home after losing their other dog Bella, and his mom says that he is a perfect fit for them and they love him to bits!




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