Lemon Jamie’s Success Story

Lemon Jamie’s Success Story

Her name may be Lemon, but this golden beauty is sweeter than sugar. Her adoring family was overwhelmed the day they adopted her, with her mom tenderly referring to her as their rainbow pup. She had, sadly, suffered a miscarriage shortly before and was struggling. Lemon was, fortuitously, an ideal fit for their family, completing it fully.

She now has the family on a food schedule, alerting her mother promptly at 6:30 each morning that she needs to go out and then eat. The most loving and lovable of dogs, Lemon especially enjoys snuggling up and hiding her small head under her mom’s pillow at night. Referred to, in the most reverential terms, as the sloth (from Zootopia), she not only has a chill personality she does everything in slow motion compared with her outgoing sister, thereby balancing each other perfectly. One evening, in true sloth fashion, she rolled off the bed, and while startled, she was otherwise fine, but her family was in stitches.

So easygoing that she’s easy to take anywhere, Lemon loves accompanying her family when they go out to dinner and sharing her infinite love when they visit her mom’s parents. Highly adaptable and able to do anything she puts her mind to, she also loves being outside, chasing lizards and running around the backyard with her sister. A wonderful walker, she promptly obeys all commands, and as her reward she goes on walks downtown, to the neighborhood dog park and the brewery down the street from their home.

A great fan of naps after her runs, she’s also a great fan of bones, often chewing them so loudly that her mom takes them away. Despite being perfect in her mother’s eyes, this mischievous miss is still crated while they’re gone because she’s eaten a few shoes in her day!


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