Sadie Niki’s Success Story

Sadie Niki’s Success Story

Never did the name Gracie fit a golden’s personality so perfectly! Named after Gracie Allen for her sense of humor and Grace Slick for being a wild rock ‘n roller, she’s made her parents’ lives fuller than they could ever have imagined.

The most sensitive and intuitive member of their cozy family of three, Gracie counts on her mom for food and treats, walks and playtime, and, as her dad’s self-appointed caretaker, tends to him by gently resting her head on his shoulders and hugging him softly. Known for giving the best hugs, she always stands up to join her parents in a family hug, loves nothing more than spending each moment of every day with them, then capping it all by sleeping on her back, legs spread in the air, and zero dignity!

A joy for her parents to show off, Gracie loves people and other dogs equally. Famous around the neighborhood for her flying 360’s, she deftly executes them whenever she sees her favorite friends, and is amply rewarded with appreciative pets. She even loves going to the groomer and the vet, where the staff not only love her in return, they call her the Raccoon Dog due to the dark fur around her eyes.

Gracie loves her extra-large hedgehog toy, called “Mr. Big,” whose feet squeak and whose tummy honks. She also loves playing outside in the garden hose. Since her parents water the grass every night before dinner, she stretches and gives them a sly smile accompanied by a little vocal chatter to let them know it’s time. The long, long rubdown afterwards to dry her off is most assuredly a large part of this ritual’s allure.

While she has some separation anxiety whenever her parents leave for several hours, provided they put a dog bed by the garage door for her, she seems to understand that they’re coming back. Despite her many food-related allergies, she needs no medication since they’re successfully managed through diet. And although Gracie had her initial training with Stellar Dog Training and did very well, her parents quickly learned that she’s smarter than they are!


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