Allie Johanna’s Success Story

Allie Johanna’s Success Story

When Courtney’s family brought Allie home in August of 2020, they affectionately nicknamed her their “pandemic puppy.” It took her awhile to adjust both to her new surroundings and to her energetic, younger doggy brothers, Zuma and Beignet, but she quickly moved into the alpha dog position. Even her human family promptly acknowledged her as the boss, serving at her pleasure — feeding her, petting her and catering to all of her needs.

At first, Allie often shook (fear of thunderstorms, new surroundings, etc.), but once she felt at ease in her new home, the anxious shaking stopped. The New Year fireworks didn’t even phase her. Seriously overweight when she arrived, unable to climb the stairs without assistance and unable to jump on the couch or the window seat, she gradually shed those unwanted pounds. Now she’s slim and stealthy and can easily make it up the stairs, onto the couch and window seat for naps, and for zooms in the backyard with Zuma and Beignet.

She sleeps every night in her small human sister’s room and will often excuse herself during the day to lie down in there while she’s at school. Occasionally, a stuffed animal gets confused with a chew toy, but her sister wants to be a vet when she grows up, so she takes it all in her stride.

Allie is a very demonstrative dog. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to tell everyone (FEED ME NOW, SEYMOUR!), but most of the time she enjoys dozing peacefully on a dog bed or cuddling on the couch or window seat. Her favorite toy is a stuffed latte, followed by whatever toy is in either of her doggy brothers’ mouths. Although she occasionally comes to the office with one of her parents and sits under their desk, she prefers to stay home, sunning herself on the warm tiles outside, and often refusing to move if she’s warm and contented.

She was clearly fed a great deal of people food in her past life, because she’s such a relentless beggar. But a grinning Courtney admits, “she’s SO darn cute doing it.”

This is one family that’s thoroughly enjoying their Allie in her golden years.


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