Chloe Marsha’s Success Story

Chloe Marsha’s Success Story

Charming Chloe couldn’t have chosen a more perfect home to adopt her!

If her parents were elated by her arrival, she was doubly so, sliding easily and eagerly into their lives and changing them forever. Chock full of personality and extraordinarily happy being with her family, Chloe brings them an immeasurable amount of joy in return. She and their other dog Bentley get along famously for the most part despite the odd bit of sibling rivalry here and there, due perhaps to jealousy, but Chloe has helped him become more confident, and Bentley’s now less anxious overall because of her.

Chloe is supremely sweet and loving and thrives on being close to her family at all times. Not only does she love their extended family and friends as well, she always wants to say “hi” to the people she meets on her walks, and usually sleeps in their son’s bed or in his room at night just to be near him.

Percolating with puppylike spirit and spunk, she loves chasing balls, playing with squeaky toys, swimming in the pool and going for swims at the beach. Unfailingly protective and loyal, she’s made certain to let everyone know she’s going to guard her home and her family. Once, when a pair of dogs got loose from a neighbor’s yard and charged at her mom and her son, Chloe barked aggressively, stood in front of them, and fortunately, the other dogs ran off!



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