Jack Ormond’s Success Story

Jack Ormond’s Success Story

When Jack Ormond’s previous owner had medical issues, Jack (now affectionally called Buddy) became a member of Wanda’s family, where Buddy is now considered a “third child.” When Wanda brought Buddy home, he spent his first night sleeping quietly on a rug next to the bed after exploring his new backyard and playing with his toys. Wanda claims that Buddy might be considered “spoiled” but clarifies that it’s in a good way. He loves to chase lizards and swim in the pool, but if he’s really hot, he will just dunk his face in his water bowl. Grabbing his toys and running around the house is another fun activity, inviting everyone to chase him. When the family takes trips to Sarasota, Buddy gets to play tug-of-war with his dog cousins, Willy and Shelby. At the end of a long day, Buddy likes to watch his favorite TV programs: animal shows and cartoons, of course!

Buddy recently started agility training, but has put that on hold for a little while; instead, he is training to become a therapy dog and is such an eager learner that he is doing quite well so far. A little cautious sometimes about new situations, Buddy will look to his family to make sure they are close by and supportive; then Buddy is all in. A curious and humorous adventurer, Buddy has single-handedly removed all of the spring doorstops in his new home and has learned a few important words like “walk” and “out.” Maybe the post important phrase, however, is “peanut-butter-jelly time!”

Described as good natured, easy going, quiet, and well-mannered, it’s no wonder that Buddy’s new forever family loves him so much. Expecting a dog who would just be a regular family pet, Wanda is thrilled to call Buddy a human (well, almost) member of their family. He’s truly a “dream dog.”


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