Jake Nat’s Success Story

Jake Nat’s Success Story

“The day we brought Jake home, I was so excited, but also nervous as I did not know how our seven-year old golden Sidney would handle an eight-month old puppy,” reports Leah.  “Fortunately, they loved each other!   He has kept Sidney young, and I like to think Sidney has shown Jake how to be calm. Although, Jake ignores the calm part mostly.  At night, they usually sleep on the bed near each other. And many times, I’ve caught them laying with their backs touching or Jake resting something on Sidney. Jake has claimed Sidney’s blue squishy ball as his own.  He has to know where that ball is at all times and is the first thing he grabs when I let him out of his crate each day after work. His favorite thing to do is bring the ball, drop it in your lap, step back and wait for you to throw it. The problem is that it’s not just during playtime, but even at night when it’s relax time. I can rarely say no to that little face.

Jake is a goofball and keeps our family laughing. He likes to lounge on his back, all four paws in the air and sleep. When it’s playtime, he takes off running and gets a good case of the zoomies.  One morning not too long after we’d adopted Jake, all was quiet, which is never good with a young golden in the house.  I looked for Jake in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, guest bedroom and couldn’t find him. It was still early morning and with no lights on it was fairly dark in the house. I was looking under the dining room table and the foyer when something made me look up. There, in the dim light, I saw Jake standing on the large roll-top desk just staring at me. It was the funniest thing to see a 70-pound dog standing on the desktop. The best part was he refused to get down so I had to lift him off.

Jake enjoys our family trips to South Carolina to visit his grandparents, especially their four-year old golden.  He is fantastic and truly our furchild.  I truly don’t know what I’d do without my furbabies!”



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