Fanny Agnes’s Success Story

Fanny Agnes’s Success Story

A Perfect Match is the best description for this adoption!

Fanny, now called Annie, was made for her new family.  She lives with her foster mom and 99 year old Grandma and couldn’t have fit in more perfectly. 

As the aging process happens, having those around us that are empathetic is very welcoming.  Even though Annie struggles in her own way with moving slower, getting up and some lumps and bumps, she also “takes care” of mom and Grandma.  Waking them up each morning with a few barks and checking on Grandma each night before bed.  Annie also goes out of her way each morning to say good morning to Grandma in her bed, making her feel loved, a love she wasn’t used to before Annie.  She truly has a big heart.

Annie loves to play with squeaky toys and even picked out a few new ones at this year’s Reunion.  Annie has 3 feline siblings that keep her company, even though she could care less.  Each morning, Annie escorts them outside to take care of business and then barks for them to return back inside….What a big helper.

Annie, Mom and Grandma have filled each other’s lives with lots of love, attention, and empathy that Mom states, “we three are a perfect fit”!


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