Buddy Fabian’s Success Story

Buddy Fabian’s Success Story

Buddy’s profile on the GRRMF website caught the attention of his new family, and they knew they needed him to make their family complete.  Once Alisa and David found out they were chosen to be Buddy’s forever family, they couldn’t wait to meet him. Surrendered due to illness,  Buddy blended right in with his new family, as if they were all waiting for each other.  He gets along with everyone including his two feline siblings and his extended family which includes a canine cousin, with whom he shares his toys.

Buddy is very affectionate, loves to cuddle with his family and get belly rubs.  If the belly rubs stop too soon, he gently reminds you to continue by giving you his paw.  After the second reminder, he finds his own spot nearby but lets you know he’s displeased with a big “harrumph”.

Buddy, the perfect gentleman on the leash, enjoys his leisurely walks.  He takes the time to sniff out the squirrels and to visit with his neighbors, both human and canine.  Because of his arthritis, his walks are slow and geared to his pace.  As sweet and well behaved as Buddy is, he also has an independent streak.  If it’s too hot or he senses it is going to rain, Buddy will respectfully decline his walk.  He knows more than the weathermen according to his mom. In the past he was afraid of storms, but now he has a thunder shirt, which he will ask for even before anyone knows a storm is coming.

Buddy likes to pluck the feathers of his favorite toy, a stuffed mallard duck, with his front teeth.  He also likes to play catch with the tennis balls.  A little quirk he has is watching other animals on TV or on the computer.  He will stand in front of the tv and whine or put his front paws on a family member’s lap to get a closer look.  Sometimes he looks around the back of the TV hoping to find the critter.

With his impeccable manners, Buddy didn’t really need any formal training, but it took a lot of patience on the daughter’s part to help Buddy learn how to climb the stairs. After two weeks Buddy mastered them.

Once again GRRMF has done an awesome job of matching a lovable golden who needed a new forever home with a family who couldn’t wait to open their home and hearts to him.  “Our family thanks GRRMF for all you do for the precious dogs that come into your care!”



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