Ann Sofia’s Success Story

Ann Sofia’s Success Story

Annie is as awesome as she is awe-inspiring!

A doggy mama rescued from an Amish puppy mill in Ohio, and subsequently adopted by her family in February 2023, she was slowly but surely introduced to life as a dog. Her mentor and role model was the family’s first GRRMF rescue, Charity, who taught her that people are gentle, tender and loving, full of pets, treats and best of all — fun!

Never having walked through doorways, she often had to be picked up and moved after being outside. Sometimes she would simply melt down and remain lying on the floor where she felt safest. Then, after a few days of seeing Charity’s excitement over everything — including jumping on couches and going for walks, receiving pets, food and treats — Annie was ready to embark on her new life’s first adventures.

Her mom would gently put on her harness and take her on very short walks around the front yard. Then they progressed to walking down the street. To her mom’s delight, Annie didn’t and still doesn’t pull or “pancake.” She walks properly and politely beside her and stops when she stops. She now jumps on the couch and bed, and nudges her mom for pets and love whenever she wants them — especially when Charity is getting the love and she wants to be part of it.

Annie’s “stepbrother” is a boxer/ridgeback mix who’s young and plays hard, and yet she’s right there with him, running in the backyard alongside him. Oh, how she loves having siblings! She also loves her toys and will happily retrieve them all day long, jumps on command and rolls, is always well behaved and never barks. She now has a six-month-old calico kitten sibling named Gracie who prefers Annie to anyone else in the house. Clearly, it’s because of her motherly qualities because she lovingly licks and “cleans” Gracie who’s always by Annie’s side when she’s lying down.


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