Gramps Jon’s Success Story

Gramps Jon’s Success Story

Gramps, whose real name remains a mystery, is, at 11 years old, very much a puppy at heart.

With his glossy black coat and warm smile, he has his parents wrapped around his paw! Adopting him meant adapting to his schedule, and so they faithfully walk him in the early morning and late evening, feed him twice a day, relax with him in the afternoon, then give him doggy ice cream before he goes to sleep at night.

To them, his antics are adorable, inspiring many “aww” moments: including tilting his head to the side when offered a new treat, groaning softly, much like a cat purr, when he stretches, and lying on his belly, rocking rhythmically forward and back. As for Gramps’s favorite pastime? Riding in the car with his dad to walk at the ball fields.

Thriving on praise and proving one truly can teach an old dog new tricks, he knows “sit”, is perfecting “come” and “stay”, and when his dad or mom hide a treat in their hand, then hold out both hands, he guesses which hand it’s in and touches that hand! Although he’s honed his leash skills, he much prefers being off leash, jogging joyfully through open areas and playing fetch. He even jogs to the kitchen at mealtime, and because he’s so fond of his poultry-flavored toothpaste, he now jogs over to his dad every morning to have his remaining teeth brushed!

Shortly after his adoption, he accompanied his parents to their daughter’s small farm in Illinois, where he romped around with her own three dogs, chased the chickens, and barked at the sheep. Then, on a Christmas visit to Virginia, he did extremely well in the hotels and elevators along the way, but best of all, frolicked off leash around an entirely new dog park.


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