Twix Jackson’s Success Story

Twix Jackson’s Success Story

Re-named Enzo Furrari after a character in the movie “The Art of Racing in the Rain,” he is also called Enzo, Bonzo or Bubba depending on his antics.

When his family first met him, they were amazed by how handsome he was. Their fourth golden in the last 26 years, Enzo is the second they adopted from GRRMF, and he’s different from all of them. With his own unique personality, he’s not interested either in retrieving balls or in going in the lake. He’s more of a “nose” dog, a devoted sniffer and a dedicated licker. In fact, Enzo’s greeting of choice is a lick not a paw.

His parents tried — and failed — to teach him to “shake” and neither could a trainer. And yet, it seems that Enzo possesses other talents: he actually watches and sees TV! He will bark at any animal on the screen, then go up to the TV and whine and try to find them. Fond of lying on his parents’ feet and beside the tub when his mom’s relaxing in it, the moment he hears the water running, he heads for the bathroom.

Definitely a “velcro” dog, he’s always on the wrong side of the door, drools and drinks rather sloppily. While he hasn’t yet taken any long trips, he loves going for rides in the car, and knows the words “go for a ride, Enzo.” A true people pet, he also loves everyone he meets, and during their daily walks, he keeps an eager eye out for his numerous friends along the way who dote on him. Clearly enamored of him, the neighbors visit often and, quite naturally, spoil him. His greetings are very exuberant, and although some dogs are put off by this, once they meet each other nose to nose, all is not only fine, it’s fabulous!

As loving as he is loved, Enzo is always affectionate. His parents,  adore all of him although he is different, and proudly consider him their fourth child.


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