Buster Matteo’s Success Story

Buster Matteo’s Success Story

When Buster bounded into his adoptive home, he promptly banished his parents’ slight nervousness, rendering them breathless with delight!

His doting dad readily admits that Buster not only makes their lives much more exciting, he makes them feel complete. Extremely endearing, he’s supremely sweet in the way he gives them his attention. Effortlessly entertaining, he makes his parents smile because he’s completely convinced that all deliveries are bark boxes, and he insists on inspecting them. Dogged and determined where his toys are concerned, he’ll hunt endlessly for them, even searching on and behind people.

Despite the fact that his favorite toy changes every month, Buster’s preferred pastimes are playing with his toys and being petted by his most obliging parents. After the holidays, the family goes on their annual trip to the mountains, and Buster and his canine companion always accompany them. While they do wonderfully well both in the car and in the snow, stairs still prove to be an obstacle for Buster although, thankfully, he’s flourishing with no new medical concerns.

Adorably affectionate, he makes it his mission to ensure that whenever his dad’s mom visits, she knows how much she’s loved. He deftly accomplishes this by licking her entire face as soon as she sits down and then “dancing” all over her.

After Buster’s arrival, there was in-home training for both dogs. They worked on walking politely together, mastering door etiquette, and, most importantly, living peacefully as a pair.


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