Poro Jonnie’s Success Story

Poro Jonnie’s Success Story

Even before he crossed the threshold of Sylvia and Pete’s loving home, Poro boasted the new name of Toro.

“We were all very excited when we picked him up,” says Sylvia. “And I think Roxie, our Australian Shepherd, was just as excited to finally have a new sibling.”

Not only did Toro adjust easily to his new environment, the family quickly discovered that he was a dedicated water dog!

“No sooner had we brought him home than he promptly made his way into the pool for a swim. Now, whenever he’s not in the pool, he’s playing with tennis balls in the backyard.”

“Toro is a very relaxed and easygoing golden. Besides swimming, he also loves going on walks and just chilling with us. We’ve even taken him on several boat rides, and he loves being out on the water.”

“He’s always friendly towards other people and other dogs when we go on walks, and is always eager to ‘smile’ hello and have someone else pet him. But what makes us smile is his adorable, pre-walk routine. Once we get his harness on, he takes a few happy laps around the house.”

“And speaking of happy, we’re very happy to have Toro as part of our family.”


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