Tater Scott’s Success Story

Tater Scott’s Success Story

Tater’s previous owners worked too often to give him the proper attention he needed, but luckily, when Robert and Pam saw Tater’s picture on the GRRMF website, they fell in love with him, and he became their new baby after they lost their lab to cancer.  When they met him at his foster house, he came right to them.

Tater loves to be near Robert and Pam and always and sleeps on his bed in their room, except when the grandchildren visit; then, he sleeps with the grandkids because they feel safe with Tater.  He enjoys getting love, especially hugs from the grandkids, and loves to go on walks.  The grandchildren have added “Tot” to his name, so he’s now lovingly known as “Tatertot.”

When Tater was first adopted, he was a nervous wreck and ran whenever he heard a strange noise.  After the vet put him on Prozac for a while to calm him, Robert and Pam weaned Tater off of the medication and switched to natural calming pills.  Today, Tater is a calm and happy boy.


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