Scout Judge’s Success Story

Scout Judge’s Success Story

“Scout is my second GRRMF golden and the perfect companion,” reports Ted.  “His youth and energy definitely brought a different dynamic to my life and his love of the outdoors has kept me active, which is a good thing, although he’s equally comfortable snoozing on the couch after a long day.

Scout is 100% retriever – we can hardly go on a walk without him bringing back a stick or some other treasure.”  Scout likes outings with Dad to the local brewery to meet a lot of dogs and people, and visiting friends at their lake house where he plays with his two Australian shepherd buddies.  Last fall they spent a week at a friend’s cabin in North Carolina hiking through the Carolina mountains and earlier this spring they spent a couple weeks in Pennsylvania visiting family.

He enjoys a good tug of war game and has a cute growl when he really gets into it.  Scout has completed a basic obedience class and earned his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification.  Still a youngster, he has a lot of adventures ahead of him.


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