Sophie Allie’s Success Story

Sophie Allie’s Success Story

When Nancy’s Golden, Tallulah, adopted from GRRMF in 2007, passed away shortly before Nancy’s birthday last year, she was devastated. But her beloved brother presented her with a surprise birthday gift: Sophie.

On adoption day, Nancy, who promptly fell in love with the glorious 9-year-old Golden, was worried that Sophie wouldn’t feel the same way. Any doubts she had, however, were dispelled by the death of her brother shortly after Sophie’s arrival.

Having suffered a traumatic brain injury, his days had been spent on a hospital bed in Nancy’s living room. Sophie helped her grieving mother cope with the loss of her last (human) family member by keeping her company. Not one to snuggle, she was and is, a true “velcro” dog, never leaving Nancy’s side and always looking at her with soulful, worshiping eyes.

Admirably agile for her age, Sophie runs spirited zoomies round the backyard and leaps lithely into the air whenever Nancy picks up her purse since she knows a car ride’s imminent. And to make her pup’s favorite pastime even more enjoyable, Nancy purchased a Subaru!

Happy and healthy, well mannered and well behaved, she learned how to “shake hands” on day one. But what she truly excels at is being the most understanding and undemanding of companions. Because Nancy’s older and virtually housebound, she doesn’t get out as much as she once did. And yet, she’s not complaining: her best friend is more than content to stay comfortably and cozily at home beside her.


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