Zak Jonnie’s Success Story

Zak Jonnie’s Success Story

All lonely Abby, the black lab, needed was a loving canine companion to complete her world. Enter Zak! And just like that, Abby was lonely no more.

“We were beyond excited to bring Zak home,” admits Cassie. “He’s changed our lives in so many unbelievable ways and we now feel that our family (two cats complement the two dogs) is finally complete.

“Abby sorely missed having a friend to play with. Since Zak’s arrival, she’s a totally different dog and so much happier. They’re always together and share everything. Zak also gets along extremely well with our two cats. Beans, the older kitty, is his favorite, and he enjoys when she meows and snuggles with him. Peanut, the kitten, likes to jump out from behind corners in an effort to scare him, but Zak’s especially patient and his facial expressions make it look as though he’s just laughing off Peanut’s antics.”

Not only did Zak brighten up his own home but Cassie and Ryan’s neighbors quickly learned about his extroverted personality, making him the highlight of the neighborhood when the family goes on their nightly walks. He’s always wagging his tail, eagerly offering his head for pets to every person he passes and is particularly gentle with children. In private, he’s proven to be the true definition of a Velcro golden, faithfully following his parents from room to room, warming them with his love and keeping them smiling in return.

“Like most goldens, Zak loves the water. He particularly enjoys the beach and the lake at the doggy park. And when he visited his grandparents, he absolutely adored his grandmother’s pool and jumped into it immediately.”

“He has an orange toy that he likes fetching in the waves at the beach. He also loves rolling in the sand after he’s done playing in the water. And when it comes to toys, he has a bin full of them! Each morning he rummages around to find just the right one for that day. His exercise tolerance has improved greatly since joining our family, and with Abby’s help, he’s now able to walk comfortably for miles without getting tired. He and Abby also like looking out the window together, waiting for us to come home.”

A well-behaved dog most of the time, Zak does have his silly side and his sillier moments.  He loves finding the muddiest puddles to lie in and roll around in, quickly turning his glorious golden coat brown! He also surprised his family by how much he loves snuggling his bear pet pillow at night


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