Koty Nolan’s Success Story

Koty Nolan’s Success Story

Goldens rule! And from the instant Koty (now Cody) entered his new family’s world, he captured their hearts and has reigned over them, loyally and lovingly, ever since.

Sadly, surrendered by his original, ailing owner, he couldn’t have “woof-ed” for a warmer, softer and safer spot to land.  “If they handed out trophies (or crowns) for Best in Snuggling,” says Susannah, “Cody would win in a heartbeat.”

On adoption day, however, the family was both excited and nervous, and as they drove away from his foster home, Susannah remembers feeling sad for him.

“Cody became slightly anxious. But he soon settled down for the 1-1/2 hour drive and behaved like a perfect gentleman for the remainder of the trip. Once we got home, he adapted immediately, and when we invited him up on the couch to snuggle, he didn’t hesitate for a moment. Now, whenever we’re all relaxing in the living room, he’s right there relaxing and snuggling with the rest of us. There’s nothing like a golden snuggle to make your day brighter and your smile wider.”

Not only has Cody brought his glorious golden touch to the adults, he’s comfy cozy with their 8-year-old daughter and has made fast feline friends with the two resident cats, especially Kai Kai who easily shares Susannah’s lap with him

“Our daughter adores having him here and loves playing a game we call ‘crazy carpet.’ This is when we wrestle and roll around with Cody on the living room carpet. He loves the game as much as we do. He also loves when his dad brings him a large pack of bones which he gleefully sets about destroying, one by one.”

Adept at the golden lean (leaning against his people while being petted), his zealousness, together with his 75-pound frame, nearly knocks them over at times! He’s also a pro when it comes to the golden pet, where he puts his nose under one of their arms to nudge some more pets out of them.

As active as he is affectionate, Cody thrives on taking two to three walks a day and enjoys visiting some of his new canine friends. An added bonus is having two lakes in the area, affording him the opportunity to watch ducks and swans, turtles and geese.

“Always eager to play the clown, Cody likes taking ‘mom and dad’ on a walk,” laughs Suzanne. “He does this by sitting down mid-walk and refusing to move unless we agree to go ‘his way.’ We’ve tried to explain that ‘his way’ sometimes adds another mile to his walks, but he simply won’t listen. He also enjoys rolling around in the grass like an oversized puppy. Silly, silly Cody!”  And yet, this family is fur-ever grateful for the consummate gentleman gracing their lives.

“Cody never jumps up on people, stays out of the bedrooms – providing the cats with the purr-fect refuge — and he knows how to heel when other dogs try egging him on. We’re so lucky to have found this loving, playful and perfect golden boy.”


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