Laura Sandy’s Success Story

Laura Sandy’s Success Story

Bee (formerly Laura) went from being her veterinarian’s patient to being the family’s foster dog with medical needs to ultimately being their forever fur baby. (She suffers from a congenital disorder that, among other issues, causes incontinence). And the day they adopted her, their hearts were filled to overflowing and their family was complete.

Not only has she enriched their lives, but she’s also especially enriched the life of their son. Virtually inseparable now, Bee sleeps in his bed, and because they’re both passionate about playing outdoors with a ball, she’s become quite accomplished at soccer!

Effortlessly endearing, she’s affectionate, eager to please and always attentive to her family’s emotions. Capable of “reading the room” and knowing if it’s time to play or relax, she also knows the family’s nighttime routine, “helping” them lock the doors before heading upstairs. Endlessly entertaining, she loves playing with Frisbees, especially her red rubber one and while she usually carries two tennis balls in her mouth, she’s working on three. Famous for once trying and failing to “cuddle” the plastic cat litter scoop, she’s equally famous for carrying multiple socks around and distributing them throughout the house. She also insists on eating only after her family is seated and eating at the dinner table and has first dibs on what she sees as “her” green velvet chair by the fireplace during the winter.

An excellent traveling companion, she recently accompanied her family to Goodmeyer Farm, an animal-friendly, 500-acre pecan farm with horses and cows, pigs, goats, and chickens located in Baker, FL. Woof about fun and frolics as she ran alongside the cows and roamed freely while her family did farm chores.

While some low-level urinary incontinence remains, Bee’s condition is well managed with daily medication, and she’s not only thriving, but she’s also achieving. Case in point: successfully completing a class at the Dog Training Club of St. Petersburg.


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