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Our Success Stories

Legacy Dog – Meg’s Success Story

Meg, a Legacy Dog from 2014, is enjoying the good life.

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Legacy Dog – Katie’s Success Story

Katie, a Legacy Dog from 2011, showed her brother the ropes.

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Legacy Story – Kallie’s Success Story

Kallie, a Legacy Dog from 1997, was a great teacher to pups!

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Legacy Story – Jake’s Success Story

Jake, a Legacy Dog from 2014, a big golden hearted boy!

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Legacy Story – Molly’s Success Story

Molly, a Legacy Dog from 2000, from hardly walking to strutting!

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Legacy Dog – Ellie Shae’s Success Story

Ellie Shae, a Legacy Dog from 2014, found herself allowed in bed.

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Legacy Dog – Deuce’s Success Story

Deuce, a Legacy Dog from 2002, he was one of the Sarasota 23!

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Legacy Dog – Chippy’s Success Stsory

Chippy, a Legacy Dog from 2008, he was comfort when most needed.

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Legacy Dog – Chance’s Success Story

Chance, a Legacy Dog from 2010, he tried to be Mr. Independent.

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Legacy Dog – Bailey’s Success Story

Bailey, a Legacy Dog from 2005, got egg whites?

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Legacy Dog – Mango’s Success Story

Mango, a Legacy Dog from 2007, became a GRRMF covergirl!

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Legacy Dog – Hayden’s Success Story

Hayden, a Legacy Dog from 2006, this boy was all “Chill”

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