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Hi everyone – meet Kym!  She is an awesome GRRMF volunteer (Sanctuary girl named Lizzie) and is graciously donating her time, and energy to run a Pampered Chef fundraiser for GRRMF, from July 23rd (8am) until July 28th!!!

You can jump straight to shopping by clicking here                                                          OR                                                                                                                 join Kym on her FaceBook page by clicking here for fun, games and prizes!! 

Hello, My name is Kym, your Kitchen Therapist and Golden Retriever Lover…

I live in Melbourne, Florida (that’s on the East Coast, about an hour from Disney, 10 minutes from the beach) with my hubby, Dave, and our amazing rescue Golden Retriever, Lizzie. Lizzie is considered a ‘Sanctuary Dog’ – we are her permanent foster parents.  She has a congenital heart defect and has to stay calm.  We got Lizzie when she was 2 years old.  The vet cardiologist gave her a life expectancy of about 3 more years.  I’m thrilled to say she is 9 years young!!  Fostering with GRRMF has been such a huge blessing in our lives and it could be in yours, too!

I’m a full-time hospice nurse on the weekends, teach nursing at the local college one day a week, and Pampered Chef is my wonderful side gig.  I initially joined for the tax deductible home-based business advantage and to pay for my housekeeper.  (I hate cleaning the house just to have other people mess it up again!)  But I have stayed for so much more!!  I was promoted to Advanced Director this month – yay, me!  The relationships I’ve formed in this company are priceless and I love what I do.  Being a ‘Kitchen Therapist’ is a lot more lucrative than I thought it would be!  (in other words, it pays for A LOT more than my housekeeper!!).

I am very active in our church, I am passionate about quilting and I do a lot of volunteer sewing.  I enjoy golf, and the beach is my happy place.  I also volunteer with GRRMF on the application committee.  I perform telephone interviews for potential adopters and foster parents!

I’d love to tell y’all more about the Pampered Chef opportunity if you like.  It’s actually the best thing Pampered Chef has to offer!  It can be life changing in so many ways and I would simply be selfish if I didn’t share this business opportunity with you!! 

In case you’d like to browse the online catalog, go here:

All proceeds and commission will go directly to GRRMF to support and benefit rescue efforts!

Let’s put the FUN in FUNdraiser!  


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