Zephyr Ashton’s Success Story

Zephyr Ashton’s Success Story

Renamed Ziti to match his family’s other golden, Ravioli, this golden’s zest for life is legendary!

After conquering his acute separation anxiety, Ziti’s large, exuberant and eccentric personality emerged which keeps everyone laughing and makes their entire household happier. When he naps on the couch, he sleeps upside down with his legs sprawled straight out. He’s so uncoordinated that when he tries to play fetch with Ravioli, he always misses. When he tries to wrestle with his brother, he’s so frantic and theatrical that it’s comical. And yet, after welcoming his human baby sister, he proudly began leading their walks in the carriage.

Among Ziti’s many endearing traits are his gentleness, authenticity and loving nature. He calmly walks up to new people, visitors (AND his parents), sits at their feet, looks up and wags his tail while he waits for a pet. It’s the most pleasant greeting and admittedly his mom’s favorite part of coming home. Not to mention how careful he is with the baby, even when she pulls his tail. Always polite, never whining or begging, he only barks once when it’s time to eat, to go for a walk or to potty. Then there’s his goofiness: sleeping on the coffee table, stealing a dish towel and bringing it to his bed or standing on the pool grotto looking for palm tree nuts. Craving his parents’ closeness, Ziti loves a good pet and a couch cuddle and nestles up at the foot of their bed and sleeps with them all night. He follows them around the house, whether they’re just getting a glass of water or cooking dinner – he’s never more than a few feet away.

His favorite pastime by far: At the end of the day, when everyone is sitting on the couch watching TV, Ziti likes to politely walk across the couch and sit on someone’s lap while they pet him. If they allow it, he then sprawls across their lap upside down and insists they scratch his belly.

Every morning Ziti explores the backyard while his father plays fetch with Ravioli. Disinterested in fetch, he prefers searching for the biggest stick and bringing it into the play area to munch on. Afterwards he “insists” on a walk, stalking his mom from room to room until she puts on her shoes which sends him running for his leash. His happiness peaks once it’s on and, with his spot on the walk secured, he leads the way, stopping to greet every dog and person he sees.

Not only does zany Ziti know that he’s loved very much, he extremely smart, even wily, when it involves mischievous acts. Known to enjoy counter surfing whenever food is left out, if he’s caught by his parents who call out his name, he’ll remove his paws from the counter, turn around to look at them and acknowledge slightly that he was caught, then retreat to his bed or couch to relax. Not the least bit remorseful at having been caught “red-pawed,” he’ll simply try again later.



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