Jimmy Jackson’s Success Story

Jimmy Jackson’s Success Story

Little did Jackson know that his forever home came with cats attached!


Named Shy and Brave, the kitties played “cat and mouse” with him for awhile until Brave got bored. But Shy and Jackson still engage in their exciting game to this day. Oliver, his fellow canine companion, sensing some of Jackson’s fears, may boss him around occasionally, but they’re now best friends. Jackson loves chasing Oliver around the backyard and playing tug-o-war with him, concluding their activities by both of them lying down and playing “face.”


According to his appreciative mom, Jackson isn’t just Velcro, he’s more like glue, never more than a half step away from her and usually closer. She has flower and herb gardens in her backyard, and Jackson has this adorable 20-minute routine in the morning where he walks the perimeter of the fence. Then, after “doing his business,” he goes to each flowerbed and smells every plant whether it’s blooming or not, but he loves the blooming flowers best. She’s always out there with him, watching from the back porch. When he’s done, he looks to make sure that she’s still there, and lies down in the grass. Of course, if she goes inside, he hears her every time and comes running.


Ever the faithful source of support, Jackson walks his mom to her chair, her bed and anywhere she sits. He stands there so that she can brace herself against him. (His original family was an elderly couple and he was clearly trained for this). He’s always watching and wherever his mom goes, he goes. Then, when he’s “off duty,” he loves chewing on treats as well as running to fetch a ball and bringing it back for his mom to throw again several times before losing interest.


Because he’s always on guard, Jackson still barks when his mom’s roommate comes in the front door. At night, he sleeps in the middle of the hallway, usually in between his mom’s door and the hallway or, as a second choice, against her roommate’s closed door. But if her feet hit the floor (she doesn’t sleep well), Jackson’s right there with her.


Slowly working through some of his fears – from bug zappers and boxes to grocery bags and stepladders – and improving daily, Jackson still amuses his mom with many of his antics. Sometimes when it’s cool, he’ll spontaneously burst into a run in the backyard. His other silly thing is rain. He’ll go out in the rain and just stand there. Then, after he potties, he lies in “his spot,” the one where he’s dug a hole that’s now marvelously muddy! When his mom calls him inside, he does so grudgingly and soaking wet. After the rain stops, she covers the hole with a garden cart. 



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