Wolfe Alford #3655

Wolfe Alford #3655

Age: 9 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 96 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

While Wolfe’s needs are great, the alternative of leaving him behind was unacceptable to GRRMF.  Each of the Sweet Six will be nursed back to health and given the opportunity to find their forever family and live out their life surrounded by love. 

Wolfe was very excited to have a soft bed, lots of clean water and fresh food on his first day in foster care, but what Wolfe appreciated most was the love and kindness he was being shown by humans.  Wolfe is one of the Sweet Six rescued by GRRMF when his owner died but he was not in the initial rescue plan, only his golden dad and sister were.  Wolfe was to be abandoned or euthanized along with his three brothers – a very terrifying moment for such a sweet boy.  Our hearts would not let that happen so GRRMF rescued ALL SIX dogs that day!

Wolfe arrived in foster care with such a long list of meds and treatments that his foster family had to create a chart just to be sure they were doing everything the vet prescribed – daily medications, ear treatments, and medicated baths for skin issues twice weekly to begin his extensive healing process.  Several days after his arrival,  Wolfie had to make another trip to the vet because he was sneezing, coughing, and had runny eyes – diagnosis was kennel cough to add to his already long list of ailments. Through the love and care of his foster family and our vets,  Wolfe’s issues have made wonderful progress in healing.  He was recently neutered and is now looking for his forever family! Yea Wolfe!

Wolfe is enjoying his home cook meals of chicken breasts and platters of fresh green beans and carrots, plus he has learned he likes apples and pumpkin.  One healthy thing about Wolfe is his appetite and his foster family has to keep a close watch that Wolfe doesn’t finish his fur sibling Katie’s food as well.

Despite not feeling top-notch when he first arrived,  Wolfe is a friendly and active dog with his tail always wagging.  His foster family reports that he acts like a young four-year old with a Golden personality and all the good qualities of a lab…because this sweet boy is a Goldador! Wolfe loves all his new toys but prefers those that squeak, especially his squirrel and rabbit ones.

He is totally housebroken but not trained.  His foster mom has been teaching him the basic commands and Wolfe has added a totally new meaning to the canine command “sit” as he has been found proudly sitting on their dining room chair often.  “We have a special dog sofa and he just walks right up on it with paws on the arms or back as if he is the sofa king, just looking around,” reports his foster mom.  He also has his own comfy dog bed but prefers to sleep on the floor next to his foster dad, whom he is bonded at the hip with, and cries when dad leaves him inside.  To date his foster family has not heard him bark.

Wolfe is excited about feeling better and finding his forever family!