Squirt Alford #3662

Squirt Alford #3662

Age: 5 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 105 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

Update 11/5/18

This handsome boy is really working hard on his weight loss program. He has already lost almost ten pounds on the green beanie diet and he is down to 95 pounds.  Way to go Squirt!  It turns out that he does not need to be treated for hip issues!  Squirt is just a big boy, but as in all Golden Retrievers, his hips can potentially become painful with too much weight, so a healthy weight and diet are very important for him.  His ears are cleared up now and he is doing great and looking forward to finding his home.

Sweet, cuddly Squirt was brought to GRRMF after his owners’ living quarters expanded and got too tight.

Squirt arrived at his foster home and promptly made himself at home, attaching himself to his foster mom and soaking up all the love that she gives. He is good with other dogs but is not a fan of cats.

This beautiful redhead is a gentle soul who loves to play with his toys. He is not picky, loving both the soft and cuddly kind as well as the squeaky kind! He will give his human big hugs when playing fetch or just as a way to say “thanks” for a treat! He loves to go for walks, which he sees as adventures, enjoying encounters with joggers and dog walkers. He will, however, bark “big-ly” to let you know when someone is close. He is also content to do this at home on the couch while looking out the window. He loves belly rubs as well and if he could talk he would say “yes please!” He loves having human visitors and enjoys being their “welcome wagon.”

Squirt is generally a good boy, but he can have his moments. He knows “sit” and down,” but he is a “Velcro” dog to the max and wants to be where his humans are, so commands such as “come” and “stay” are not always his favorites. He is, however, working on this with his foster mom. He is also working on losing some weight, so he gets green beans mixed in with his dog food every day. He hopes that one day he can run and play and take long walks without putting extra stress on his hips! For now, he is content with short walks and will let you know when he’s had enough. He also takes medication for the hip inflammation as well as for ear issues, but he is almost finished with these regimens. 

Squirt does have a history of being an escape artist, so dog proofing the house may be necessary for a future owner, as well as lots of patience and perseverance! Overall, though, this “Gentle Giant,” as his foster mom nicknamed him, will reward you for the love that you give him with a return of that love and plenty of snuggles. If you are the one for him, get your application in today!