Sienna Meg #3132

Sienna Meg #3132

Age: 6 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 70 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

Update 6/10/2018

Buddy and Sienna are true champions and testaments to what a little kindness and tender loving care can accomplish.  Both goldens came to GRRMF in very bad shape, but thanks to their wonderful foster family and veterinarians, they are glowing and almost ready to be adopted.

There are lots of famous duos that come to mind, Abbott and Costello, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, they’re successful because they need each other.  Buddy and Sienna are just like them.  They depend on each other and are bonded.

These are beautiful, mature golden retrievers.  They are calm yet full of life and enjoy nothing more than playing with each other and their foster family.

Buddy and Sienna might not wear capes and save the planet from evil villains, but together they can bring your family a world of love.  Are Buddy and Sienna your Batman and Robin?  Can you give these two spectacular dogs a superhero ending?

Sienna came to GRRMF with her Golden Retriever brother Buddy, due to financial issues with their owners.

Sienna Meg has had a tough time of it lately, she came to GRRMF underweight and under loved.  However, she is a good eater and is putting weight back on and her health is improving.

Her foster family says she is an adorable pooch who loves taking baths, chasing balls and going on walks. She’s a natural ‘pleaser’ and has a kind soul and temperament.  Sienna always wants to be with her foster mom or dad and their other foster golden.  She does not like to be left alone and is more comfortable knowing her buddy dog is close at hand.  When her foster mom returns home after a shopping trip, she says Sienna is so overjoyed to see her – she’s just showered with love and licks!

Not a big fan of the foster family’s pet cat, Sienna is attached to Buddy Mason, who is her GRRMF brother.  The two are inseparable, even sleeping together.  Sienna is house broken and knows a few commands.  She’s very smart and is a quick learner.

Sienna is a very special golden.  She needs an ‘at home’ parent who is also willing to adopt Sienna’s best friend and bonded brother, Buddy Mason #3619.  The two dogs are co-dependent on each other and they would very much like to be adopted together since they are very sad when they are apart.

If you have love to share, Sienna Meg is perfect for you. Please submit your application today as Sienna is patiently waiting for a wonderful family who will take both she and her brother home!

Stay tuned for more pictures as this beautiful pair settles into their foster home together.