Sefton Afton #3482

Sefton Afton #3482

Age: 11 months

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 74 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

I want to help Sefton and GRRMF who saved this sweet boy twice!

Expenses $ 3,500 Donations as of 10/29/17 – $702

Sadly, this precious boy required additional surgery as his knee is still unstable. He needs GRRMF and you to help him have a chance at mobility with comfort.  We so appreciate anything you can give towards his care. Thank you.

Sefton post surgery update as of 9/6/17:

Sefton loves his walks. The longer he walks the more he is actually using his whole paw as he normally walks more up on his toes with his foot turned out. When he is excited such as feeding time, walk time or backyard time, he seems to use his leg more naturally.  Healing in a foster home with a sibling is fun for Sefton. The reunion was joyful and Sefton loves gentle play time with his sister.







Sefton’s first appearance in GRRMF was as an unborn pup when we rescued his pregnant mom (and his 8 unborn siblings) from a shelter in Oklahoma. He was born in our rescue on Thanksgiving Day and joyously adopted.  Sadly his family needed to return Sefton to GRRMF, now at 8 months old, when he developed an abnormal gait and lameness in his back right leg. Diagnosed by our specialists as grade 4 Lateral patella luxation (LPL), Sefton required immediate surgery to correct and give him the best opportunity of comfort and mobility.

LPL is a condition in which the patella, or knee-cap, no longer glides within its natural groove in the femur, the upper bone of the stifle or knee joint that can occur in dogs. It becomes displaced to the outside of the joint and can be partial or complete, intermittent or permanent. LPL can occur as a result of trauma, develop during the first year of an animal’s life in large and giant breeds of dogs or occur when they are more mature in small breeds.

Sefton arrived in his foster home to start his recovery a few days after having leg surgery. He was a bit groggy from meds and in some pain. He was happy to rest in his recovery crate set up special for him.  A very smart Florida dog, Sefton loves air conditioning and fans and has his very own fan near his crate to help keep him cool.  He loves to be near people and get snuggles and belly rubs.  Keeping him from running and playing and doing any damage to his healing right knee is the focus during his critical recovery period.

Prior to his surgery,  we know he loves to go for walks despite the pain. He enjoys watching birds and airplanes in the sky and hunt lizards – which he will get right back to once he is healed.  He enjoys being with other dogs and will like to play once he feels better.  Sefton is not a fan of water (the pool or the hose). He is afraid of loud sudden noises and low flying helicopters and prefers to not be alone.

​​Sefton is independent however needs to know where his people are and prefers them to be all in the same place so he can rest.  He really enjoys attention and is a cuddle bug.  He is a very smart dog and learns quickly what people expect of him.​  ​​He knows sit, lie down, out, come, belly, ​wait, cookie, bone, dinner (of course!) This long legged boy will likely help himself to what is on the counter if you let him.

Sefton really, really wants to play like a puppy and have a good time. He will be very happy when his restriction is over and he can enjoy the life he deserves!