Mandy Donna #3888

Mandy Donna #3888

Age: 5 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 83 lbs.

Status: Matched for Adoption

Say hello to our beautiful new lady who was lovingly surrendered to the GRRMF family because of issues at home and we are so happy to have her.

Mandy Donna is all about being with her ‘peeps”.  She just adores her foster parents and cannot get enough of their hugs and kisses.  Her foster mom is pretty sure that Mandy invented the word Velcro as she always wants to be with them.


She has three foster siblings, which is a whole new world to her, since she was only dog in the past.  So she is watching them from a distance and is not sure what to make of them quite yet. However, she is quick to be a part of the gang for a photo shoot.

If there is an opportunity for her to enjoy the outdoors, she is all about it.  This girl loves to enjoy the fresh air, do some lizard tracking and run around her foster family’s fenced in yard.  She knows when it’s time to “go” and she will let you know by doing some golden chatting.  Mandy has discovered that there is a pool in her backyard and she has been observing it whenever she is outdoors.

She has resolved in the New Year to lose some weight since she knows she needs to slim down several pounds.  Perhaps the pool might be an option someday but not so far.  She and her foster mom are working diligently on her diet and making sure there is plenty of outdoor exercise. When we first met Mandy, we were told that she had a seizure disorder, but the awesome news is that her medication takes care of it and she hasn’t had one since April.  That’s our girl!

With that beautiful fur coat, you can bet that this lady loves to be groomed with a belly rub or two or three mixed in along the way. Mandy always wants to go, if her foster mom or dad is going and enjoys a car ride to get there. She is curious and if given a chance, she tries to escape to go explore but her foster parents are on to her tricks and always outsmart this intelligent girl. Mandy has great leash manners and loves to go for card rides and listens like a champ.  All that with a loving heart  – who could wish for anything more in a Golden Retriever?

We are working to find the perfect golden velcro ready home for her – a place filled with love and kisses for this people lover – with a family who will be committed to helping her to get to her ideal weight and fulfill her dream of a ‘for always’ home.


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