Lucee Jilly #3641

Lucee Jilly #3641

Age: 3 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 70 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption

Lucee is a long-legged beauty who loves affection. She’s inquisitive of everything and likes to follow you around and stay close by at all times. A true Golden girl, she wants all the cuddles and petting you’re willing to give!

This sweet girl gets along well with other dogs but came to the rescue because she wasn’t fond of her previous owner’s cat. She’s a lively dog with lots of energy. She can spend a whole afternoon just chasing her own tail! She likes to chase a ball too but sometimes when she’s playing fetch her curious nature gets the best of her and she gets distracted by other interesting things in the yard. Lucee is tall and gangly, and those long legs can get her from point A to point B in a flash!

Her extra height means she can see any tantalizing goodies sitting on the kitchen countertop, so her new forever family will need to keep food out of her reach. Her foster family is training her not to sniff out food on the counter, and they’re helping her learn some basic commands and teaching her how to greet new friends without jumping.

Lucee really enjoys playing with her toys. She’ll chew on plush toys, so non-plush toys are recommended, but she’s well-behaved in the house and doesn’t chew on anything else. Her biggest goal is to stay near you and get as much loving attention as she can!

Lucee¬†will make a wonderful companion for an active person or family who can give her the attention and playtime she needs. She’s an adorable girl with a gorgeous Golden smile you won’t be able to resist!