Lexi Mona #3625

Lexi Mona #3625

Age: 2 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 63 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption


Gorgeous Lexi while very playful, is a sweet and gentle girl. She came to GRRMF when her owner experienced a job transfer leading to smaller living conditions. Lexi’s personality quickly gave GRRMF a wonderful opportunity to introduce her to a buddy to share her nurturing spirit.  Lexi will gently try to charm her foster sibling into playing with her by offering him a toy and is very submissive when he shows her any attention.  She is an active girl who loves tennis balls, stuffed animals, ropes and chew bones.  Lexi can entertain herself by rolling on her back and playing with her toys with both front feet in the air, but when the opportunity presents itself she will bring you one and try to engage you in playtime.

Lexi loves exercise and is a quick sprinter during a game of fetch with  her ball, but also likes to switch-it-up and play keep-away by not dropping her toys.  Although she is very gentle in nature, she will show her strength during a game of tug with her rope toy.  Being a youngster with lots of energy, Lexi would rather offer you a toy than seek to be petted or get belly rubs.  She will follow anyone heading into the kitchen with hopes of getting a tasty snack.


Lexi doesn’t feel lizards are worth chasing and is undecided about the swimming pool.  She enjoys car rides and meeting people, adults and children, on her walks through the neighborhood.  Her foster family is working on building better leash manners and adding more basic obedience commands.

Sweet Lexi  is looking for a family  that will help her grow with gentle guidance and one that has a fenced yard so she can exercise regularly.