Layton Noni #4233

Layton Noni #4233

Age: 8 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Weight: 85 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

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Look at our sweet girl, Layton. She is independent but offers a generous amount of tail wags, smiles, curiosity, and lots of love. Layton adores being near her human and has been accused of being a space taker upper as she likes to get as close as she can to her special person.  

At night she can sleep in a crate or by your bed with maybe just a little snoring. When she is greeted with a good morning she stays perfectly still and thumps her tail to say hello.  Layton is a real lover that likes to snuggle and get brushed and hugged. She enjoys a good treat, head scratches and belly rubs but super appreciates being part of the family. 

Layton is good with other dogs but can be overly curious of small dogs; therefore, a slow and proper introduction would be required. She hasn’t met any children while she has been with GRRMF and would need to be properly introduced to them when as well. Layton hasn’t been up close and personal with any cats but has seen them from a distance.

If Layton is the only dog, she would welcome all the attention and would really be happy if she had company at home a majority of the time.  She is crate trained, house trained and is working on basic cues. She didn’t appear to get the attention and love she should have received for a dog her age but she is willing to learn and make up for all she has missed.  

If you are looking for a sweet companion that loves to be loved, Layton’s your girl! She’s looking at you right now saying “pick me-I’ll be happy all the way if you love me every day”!




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