Lawrence Jonnie #3806

Lawrence Jonnie #3806

Age: 6 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Labrador Retriever Blend

Weight: 79 lbs.

Status: Medical Hold

Please help Sir Lawrence!!



Update: March 16, 2020

Good News! We are happy to report that Sir Lawrence is gaining weight and is very happy and well adjusted in his foster home.  We will report more to you in April when he will have X-rays to see how the mass on his lung is looking.  Stay tuned and keep your paws crossed!

Update: March 3, 2020

Sir Lawrence took a trip to the veterinarian today and was given Ivermectin, an amazing medication that kills many different types of parasites.  Hopefully, this will make our sweet guy feel a little better.  

The cytology results are still pending on the lung mass.  Additional lung nodules have been found, but they are not accessible by ultrasound.  More procedures and follow up will be needed on these findings.  

In the meantime, Sir Lawrence, is just being his sweet and endearing self.  He’s asking you to lend an ear to hear his plea for your help towards all the medical care he needs to be strong, healthy and living his life to the fullest.  Please donate ” To (our) Sir With Love.”



If ever there could be a heart that needs healing and a body that needs tender loving care it is Lawrence!  This kind and sweet gentleman came to GRRMF when a rescue plea was requested by a local shelter. A good samaritan found him on the side of the road, Lawrence was emaciated and has advanced muscle atrophy.  

In addition to his thin torso and muscle atrophy, Lawrence tested positive for whipworms and more seriously, heartworms.  Heartworm treatment is an intense 120-day process and can be fatal when left untreated.  It can’t be stressed enough that this deadly disease (transmitted by infected mosquitoes) can be avoided by giving preventative medications to our pets.  

You would think this sweet boy has endured enough, unfortunately, a previous trauma has left him with a permanently dislocated left hip which will require a surgical intervention called FHO (femoral head osteotomy).  During Lawrence’s X-rays and blood work, in preparation for surgery and heart worm treatment, two masses where discovered in the chest cavity.  A course of steroids have been administered in hopes of shrinking the masses.  It has yet to be determined if the masses are inflammation from the heartworms (best scenario) or a slow-growing carcinoma.  

When Lawrence isn’t at the hospital, he is enjoying his wonderful foster home.  Dubbed “Sir Lawrence” by his foster mom, he introduced himself by putting his mark on each tree in the yard. After he checked everything out, he settled in and was glad to meet his furry foster sister and play with all the super toys that were provided.  Finding it a bit awkward to sort through the extensive toy box, Lawrence set out to scatter them all over the house and reorganize the locations for his foster mom.  If he wasn’t so darn cute carrying his toys around he probably wouldn’t have gotten away with his redecorating scheme.  Even though he has problems with his left hip, he still enjoys running around outside.  Lawrence will even chase the ball when thrown, he’s not an outfielder yet, chewing on the ball is much more fun. 

Lawrence is a very well mannered gentleman, he shows no aggression with food, doesn’t need to be crated, doesn’t seem fearful towards anything, gets along great with other dogs and has the velcro golden gene.  He is also an awesome watchdog, he will bark whenever a new person visits – which is pretty loud.  His foster mom reports that the barking is “. . .out of excitement, he is definitely friendly and likes people.”  Lawrence hasn’t been observed yet with other animals, such as cats, lizards, bunnies and squirrels. His foster mom will update us on those as he settles in more at his new home.  

Lawrence is also a pretty smart guy, the first night he was at his foster home he discovered a potty bell hanging on the door, he started to ring the bell to go out.  His foster mom wasn’t sure if  he was trained or “just super smart.”  The only problem was that Lawrence would ring the bell to go out, but not necessary for potty purposes.  He rang it so much that his foster mom had to take the bell off the door.  Sounds like Lawrence has a good sense of humor too!

Sir Lawrence will need time to adjust to his new surroundings, he is a bit anxious being in a new environment and has been restless and wants to go outside at night. Sometimes it’s to potty and other times he will just lay down and look at the stars.  Lawrence has been through a lot and has many hurdles to cross before he will be healthy again.  Through all the testing, poking, and prodding he has endured his medical team says “he has been the most wonderful dog and he deserves every fighting chance that we can afford him.” 

This dear fellow of skin and bones weighed 79 pounds when he was rescued and he is now 82 pounds thanks to the help of all the medical professionals and his foster family’s love and care. Combined with his homelessness and lack of a proper diet it wasn’t surprising to the medical team that he had muscle atrophy. His muscles can be increased with a nutritious diet and weight bearing exercises. Lawrence needs surgery on his dislocated left hip in order for him to try to bear more weight on that side of his body.  There has been a slow and positive weight gain, his coat is thicker and shiny and there is a twinkle in his eye!  

Look into these loving eyes of Sir Lawrence and know that he speaks to all of his supporters to help him heal his heart, rid him of his illnesses and fix his broken body.  His loving soul is waiting to share his amazing spirit and life with his forever family.  Please feel his needs in your heart and help with whatever you can afford to get this wonderful boy healthy and enjoying the life he deserves.

“When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.” 

Anthony Douglas Williams (author)



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