Katy Narla # 3685

Katy Narla # 3685

Age: 20 months

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 76 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption

Meet beautiful Katy, she came to GRRMF when her family’s needs changed.  At first, Katy is very shy toward strangers.  She takes her time “getting to know you”, but once she’s comfortable, Katy is eager to please.  Her shyness shows also with loud noises, and she doesn’t care for cars at all.  Foster dad said it was hard just to get Katy to walk past the car in the garage.

Katy walks well on the leash and if you have walked too far, she will lie down for a short period and then stand up, look at you as if to say “Let’s Go”!  She is interested in squirrels but not your typical golden hunter, enjoys meeting her neighbors both human and dog.

Katy loves the outdoors, is housebroken, knows a few commands and does not need a crate.  Foster mom says she is fine with the cat and tries to play, but the cat hides under the couch, in a game of hide and seek.  Katy soon gives up and off she goes to find her toys.  Katy would be perfectly happy on your bed, couch or lap, but her fosters are discouraging this as Katy is still growing.  She does come up to you while you are sitting and place her head on your leg so you can scratch her head.

Katy will make an excellent addition to a household that will give her the time she needs to feel comfortable and to fully trust her humans.