Jett Jaspar #3548

Jett Jaspar #3548

Age: 9 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Weight: 63 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption

Rescued through Animal Services after found living in a car,  Jett Jaspar is a gentle boy who appears grateful just to have a warm bed and good food.  We couldn’t pass up this sweet boy whose sad tale was brought to us to help make his life ahead brighter.

Jett will lay his head in your lap with his beautiful dark brown eyes expressing affection. Jett quietly snuggles up for attention and to be petted and brushed but he is not a velcro dog and will wait quietly for you to return home.  Jett gets along with smaller dogs but appears to be intimidated by larger dogs and his foster mom thinks he would do well in a single dog home.

He doesn’t appear interested in toys (perhaps he’s never had them before) nor does he seem to be interested in chasing lizards or squirrels. With a slight sniff, Jett ignores the cats in his foster home and is content to lay quietly on a soft cushion or on the floor near you. However, Jett is a bit of a joker: With a slight hop and jump, Jett will entice his foster mom out the door into the back yard and then proceed to play a game of hide and seek — racing back inside the house to hide until she comes to find him. Then off to start the game again!

This gentle beautiful brindle lab walks well on a leash with no pulling. He loves to go for a walk and is ready anytime. He is house broken and has had no accidents in his foster home.

Jett has completed treatment for his kennel cough and has recovered well from having a mast cell tumor removed. We are also caring for his ears which we hope are feeling better for him since he arrived.  He has an endearing habit of shaking his ears when they itch. Despite the pain he has endured this special boy is completely gentle and loving. His foster mom says he is one of the gentlest dogs she has ever had.  Jett loves to spend time in the sunshine and will lay out sunning himself and then race back into the house after a romp in the yard! He will chose a spot in the house, whirl three times and gently lower himself into a little ball to nap.

Do you have room in your home and heart to make his future filled with love and comfort?