Ducky Marsh #3947

Ducky Marsh #3947

Age: 6 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Labrador Retriever Blend

Weight: 80 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption


Don’t “quack” up over my name!  I was dubbed “Ducky” for my serious prey drive to hunt chickens and ducks. My life has been anything but ducky but things are looking up for me since GRRMF is helping a number of us from Louisiana find loving forever homes.  

Before I can be available to go to my new home I have to be treated for kennel cough and go through a very long process of heartworm treatment.  I tested positive for Heartworms which can be life threatening if left untreated.  My activity will be restricted for four months while I go through treatment. I’m bummed out because that means no REAL ball playing that I love! I have just been hanging out with the other dogs in my foster home and coexisting with the cat, who has given me that look that tells me I better not go there!

I know I’m getting a bad rap over the chickens and ducks but I do, for the most part, leave the lizards, squirrels and bunnies alone.  Even though I haven’t met any children yet, my foster mom thinks I would do great with them.  I love, love, love to play ball but since I can’t right now, I have been enjoying belly rubs, car rides, playing with toys and taking walks.  

My foster mom says she can tell I was outside a lot because I get anxious in the house but now I am learning to live in the house but go potty outside.  I spend time in my crate when I can’t be with my foster mom and to help keep my activity level low due to the heartworm, otherwise, you can bet that I would be looking for the ball so I could get a game going.  

I hate to admit it but I really am a very sweet guy.  I’m trying to get all “my ducks in a row” by responding to my name, sit, wait and “no peeing in the house” -hmmm, I know I will get that one right soon!  Of course I love being near my foster mom but I’m also a macho guy and nothing beats going outside smelling everything and then peeing on it.  

I have to sign off now but before I go do you think you could throw a few ducks, I mean bucks, my way to help with my medical expenses?  That Long Island Ducks baseball team as a mascot named Quaker Jack who has won best mascot for 11 years in a row- even though he quacks me up, I sure would like to beat him out next year!  


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