Cooper Jenning #3642

Cooper Jenning #3642

Age: 5 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 91 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption

Goal: $2000
Collected to date $1115  – Thank you so much!

Update: August 17, 2018
Cooper is still continuing with the long process of his heartworm treatment. It isn’t much fun not being able to interact with other dogs and people as much as he would be able to if he was well. In the meantime, Cooper is working on his manners of sit, down and stay. His foster dad reports that he is doing great on sit and down, but he still might need a little velcro to help him with the stay part.

Cooper has developed some fear with the thunder and lightening that comes with the Florida territory. Because he has proven himself to be trustworthy and to lessen his anxiety of being in the crate during a storm, Cooper has been given full run of the house. With some helpful tools to limit anxiety and when he’s well, he will be running and playing all day and will be too tired to worry about those nasty snap, crackles and pops!

Cooper is a gentleman and continues to cherish the attention he receives as official greeter to the guests at his foster families home. His foster dad is teaching him to give his paw, but Cooper wants to give him the high five.

This sweet guy still has a way to go through this lengthy and costly procedure. GRRMF and his foster family can’t wait to see Cooper healthy and reaching his full potential. Cooper would love to give you a high five to thank you for your donations and for any future donations you can afford to send to help him out.


Update: July 12, 2018

Cooper is settling in nicely with his foster family. He loves belly rubs and he has chosen a Nylabone as his favorite toy from the toy basket. This gentle, sweet guy just loves being with people and has become the friendly greeter at his foster family’s home. He keeps track of his foster dad and mom and makes sure he knows where they are at all times, especially when they are in the kitchen.

Cooper has demonstrated good manners at his foster home, he is crate trained, potty trained, leaves things alone that haven’t been given to him, loves being groomed, is good on leash, sleeps quietly and doesn’t seem to fear thunderstorms-what a plus that is in Florida!

Since Cooper is being treated for heartworm, he is restricted on his activity. He amuses himself in the yard with the lizards and dragonflies and is learning some basic obedience so he will be ready for his public when he is out and about again. Cooper is also a sensitive guy, his foster dad reports that when he hears a baby crying on the television he goes from room to room searching for the sound, how sweet is that!

Just look at this handsome red head, can’t you see the love and gentleness in his sweet face. Cooper will be very happy when he has the chance to meet more people and canine friends. Unfortunately, he has some restrictions now while he is being treated for heartworm and he needs your help to support the expensive and lengthy treatment he must go through before he can have the fun and find his forever home. Cooper’s a trooper, but he NEEDS YOU NOW. Your help and kindness will be greatly appreciated by this super sweet and gentle golden.

A recent arrival to GRRMF, this stunning red head boy is heartworm positive and has started his 4 month treatment needed to save his life.  We know Cooper will feel so much better when his heartworms are gone!  GRRMF and his foster family is so glad to have the opportunity to help this sweet boy recover, but we can’t do it without you! Cooper would appreciate any donation you can share with him for his lifesaving care.

Cooper needs to regain his strength and energy so that he can get to his forever home someday.  Heartworm treatment costs are $2000 over a four month period and this is a commitment that we make to each and every heartworm positive dog that comes into GRRMF … to save their life and help them to be the best they can be.  For more information see – our page on heartworms.

Please help with Cooper’s recovery so he can have a healthy heart to start his new life in a loving home forever.