Coco Jamie #3893

Coco Jamie #3893

Age: 5 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Labrador Retriever Blend

Weight: 70 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

Hi, my name is Coco! I was brought to GRRMF when my family discovered that I wasn’t a great fit in their family dynamics.

I am getting very comfortable here in my foster home and I love being near my foster parents! I am usually easygoing with kids, as long as they can be patient with me as I adjust to a new environment. I am also good around other dogs, and I am okay with cats unless they try to push me around and then I let them know that I’ve had enough with “words.” In fact, I love to “talk” and will use my voice when my foster mom asks “what’s up?” or when I want to go for a walk or car ride. I also like to do a dance by bouncing on my front feet! If I get too rambunctious, I just have to be told to settle and I do. I am a very cuddly girl and as long as I can be near my humans I am happy, whether it’s inside on the couch or outside chilling and grilling! In fact, my foster mom calls me “Shadow”! I am a little skittish with noises at first, but once I hear them a time or two I tend to be okay. Even my own shadow can spook me sometimes! I have come to find out that I like ice and the noise that the machine makes is music to my ears!

I am a very good girl and I know my sit command as well as how to behave around the house without having to be crated. Human food and other things on the ground don’t phase me and I am very good about leaving them. I love my humans so much that sometimes I can get protective when we’re on walks and I see others with dogs. The command to leave it usually works though and I am working hard at it and improving! I love water and I waded in the lake just to see how it was. I discovered that it’s still a little chilly but once it warms up, I will be ready for a swim!

I am a sweet girl who is eager to make a family or even a single human happy! I’m very excited to start my new life in a forever home and live my best life always by my human’s side!



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