Meet our golden blends

Meet our golden blends

You may have noticed a variety of dogs in our rescue that may not look just like a typical golden retriever. We call these golden blends; goldens with other breeds stirred in the gene pot but just as sweet. GRRMF as always is committed to rescuing purebred goldens; however, we do not turn away golden blends.

Many were just days or hours away from a death sentence at a shelter before we rescued them because no one else would step forward to give these needy angels a second chance. Others lost their homes when their family relocated, experienced health or financial difficulties. Some golden blends come to us from other rescues, including our partner rescues in Louisiana.

Blends generally have the personality traits of the golden breed, being friendly, even tempered, intelligent and affectionate, but may not have some of the typical health issues that affect purebred goldens. Plus blends are often smaller in size and may not shed as heavily. We find that many adopters prefer blends, especially if they are looking for a smaller sized dog but love that golden look. We have had great success adopting out these blends and many happy families.

Did you know that blends can compete in agility, dock diving, nose work, rally and other competitions if they have the aptitude and the training? There is no AKC certification required. Many of our adopted blends have excelled in these areas and others possessed the perfect temperament to become certified therapy dogs.

Go to our Available Golden page and take a close look at our Golden Blends, read their story and please consider them in making your house a furever home.

Check out some of their stories located on our Canine Volunteer page. These special dogs have so much love to share and make wonderful companions. They can light up a room with their compassion and will touch your heart in so many ways.

From hopeless to hopeful … Priceless.