Bruno: A Happy Ending

Dreams do come true!!!

Bruno arrived September 22, 2018, from a shelter at approximately 1 year old. He is a sweet and smart boy but very grumpy when meeting new people, especially men. Our wonderful foster homes and trainers worked gently with this special boy for almost 2 years, with socialization, guidance and training skills letting him set his own pace for his increased confidence and comfort. Although it took time for him to recognize that life ahead was getting better each day and no need to be grumpy, GRRMF’s commitment was firm to continue to support his needs for as long he needed us and our quest to find a match meant only for him.

One day a special lady entered his life and a magical bond was formed. Bruno, fell in love and hoped she felt the same. She did and adopted him on August 6th giving him a brand new life and a new name. Zeke!

A dream is a wish your heart makes and Zeke and Mom’s dreams came true.

The on-going commitment of GRRMF to ensure this young pup gained the confidence and comfort of life to find his forever home is a tribute to the volunteers who pour their hearts and talents to care for all our dogs every day.

We hope you enjoy the story of his journey shared with you below.

September 2018 to the summer of 2019

Arriving into the loving hands of GRRMF, Bruno appeared quite nervous his first night in his new foster home.  He was unsure of his surroundings and his nervousness was obvious as he had a few accidents in the house and wasn’t confident to be near anyone.  As the night went on, he learned that he was in a safe place and there were loving people around him.  Foster dad stated that as the night progressed, Bruno got closer and closer and finally jumped up into his lap and took a nap, which has become his place to be when tired.    Bruno learned that he was in a safe, loving home where he could trust those around him.  Feeling comfortable with his new human dad, it felt right to jump into bed with him and sleep by his side all night long.

Bruno spends most of his days with foster dad since he is home.  He wants to know where you are in the house but doesn’t have to be attached to you.  Bruno’s inquisitive side kicks in and he likes to explore the house and his surroundings.  Meeting new people gives Bruno some anxiety and he becomes fearful.  He will bark at them and express his displeasure.  It takes some time for Bruno to trust strangers.  Along with working on his basic commands, Bruno is working towards meeting new people and gaining confidence to not be fearful in situations.

A young bouncing puppy definitely needs lots of time to burn off that energy.  Bruno enjoys playing with his foster canine siblings and even likes to engage the neighbor’s dog through the fence.  Bruno does better meeting new dogs at his place if he is given enough time.  Nothing beats a good chase of wildlife outside – keeping those lizards, birds, and squirrels on their game.  Bruno loves to swim and share his toys with you.  Car rides are definitely one of Bruno’s favorites, especially if the end result is a trip to Starbucks!

Puppy manners can often be a tough habit to break.  One bad habit that Bruno has is counter surfing.  Dad is working with Bruno to teach him that it is unacceptable to help himself to what may be on the counter!  Bruno is also having fewer accidents in the house and letting foster dad know when he needs to go outside to take care of business.  Because Bruno is still a young puppy and learning new things, he is crated when no one is home.    Foster dad has taken the initiative to have Bruno work with a trainer to help him overcome some of his fears.

Summer 2019

Well hello there!  My name is Bruno and I am a Golden Retriever Blend!  There have been a lot of adventures written about me and I think it’s about time that I checked in personally and gave you an update myself.  Who better than me to explain what I am all about, right? GRRMF has been looking for the perfect partner for me and I thought I should give some input to help me find the right person.

Well first, if I do say so myself, I am a very handsome young lad! I’m two years old which means I am still a puppy and love to play, so a fenced in yard for me is very important.  It helps me feel safe and get lots of exercise with my humans or as I call them, my “peeps”.

When I first came to GRRMF, I had a lot of anxiety which made me very nervous and tentative.  I had a rough start in the beginning of my life and so I ended up in a shelter.  I guess you could call me a high anxiety dude – which is OK because I think that makes me sound kind of special.   It’s because I have met a lot of strangers in my life and so it hasn’t been easy for me to trust.  But I am learning and thankfully GRRMF came to rescue me because they thought I deserved a chance at a better life.

They found an ideal foster home for me, where I could learn to be comfortable and feel loved. My foster dad is so wonderful. He has had nothing but patience and love for me and I don’t quite know how I will ever be able to thank him.  But now it is time for me to find my ‘fur’ever home.  You see my foster dad has an important role in GRRMF, which is to help other rescue dogs feel less anxious and super wanted and loved. That is the greatest gift he could ever have given me – to help me get ready for my new life. Well I am ready!

I thought I would share how life is for me with my foster family. My day starts with a nudge to wake up at 4:30am from my foster dad.  He has to do the same thing to my foster sister doggie, so that we can go outside for a little ‘wake me up run” and then potty. Sometimes I forget that I’m out there to go potty, because I’m having so much fun – but that’s OK because my dad reminds me. Then it’s time for breakfast and then one more potty break before my dad goes to work. That way I don’t have any accidents in the house. And we all know how much our ‘peeps’ appreciate that!

While my foster dad is at work, my foster brother and I are in our crates, so that we stay safe and sound. He gives us treats and puts on music while he’s gone, so we really are very comfy. When my ‘peep’ brother wakes up, he takes me out for potty and a little exercise run in the yard!  I always get cheese from him and it’s so yummy! When my dad gets home from work, we get to go out and play again and sometimes we all pile into his car and head to Starbucks for some Pup-a-chinos. Those are my favorite treats on earth.

When we get home, I take time with him to practice what I have learned in training. You see, I still get a little nervous when I see new people.  But I have learned with my trainer and my foster family, that new people are friendly and won’t hurt me. A typical daily routine helps me to know what’s coming next so that I can anticipate it and be ready!  After training it’s time for our dinner and then we all go outside to play together.  Then I head in to relax and just chill.

It’s so nice when my dad is home, it makes me feel so comfortable. Sometimes I like to rest in my crate and other times I like to be out and about with my dad. And then it’s sleepy time! This is my absolute favorite time of the day, because I like to sleep touching my foster dad. I fall asleep fast because those 4:30am nudges are just around the corner.

If you think that I would fit into the schedule with your family and you’re willing to have patience and time to help me get used to other people, won’t you please consider adopting me?  I can wake up at 430am, as you know, but I will certainly be happy if you sleep later.  I’m looking for that very special home and I’ve been waiting a while because I want that home to be just right for me and my ‘fur’ ever ‘peeps’.  Please send your application in today to GRRMF and let them know that you want me.

Update 10/19/19

Greetings to all my fans!

It’s me again – checking in to advise on my newest activity.  Wait until you hear this!  In my continuing quest to be all the best that I can be – as I patiently wait for news on someone out there who wants to make me part of their family – my foster dad and I are now working on trick training to help with my confidence.

I am learning several different tricks to try and earn my AKC Novice Trick Title. How about that? Some of the skills I will be mastering are shake, sit, down, crawl, high five, spin & turn, push ups, up (on to something). I need to be able to perform 10 different tricks to earn my title and I am on a mission to do it.

I am always working to build my confidence and my foster dad says that this will give me something to distract me from my anxiety. He says I am learning pretty well.

We are venturing out to parks for my training sessions to give me more exposure to people and other distractions at a safe distance. I just love going on these adventures and it really helps me to turn it from an experience to an everyday opportunity.

Stay tuned for more updates on my progress. By the way, I am working closely with GRRMF to find my ‘fur’ever home, so if you want to love me for always, please fill out an application and let me know that you want me.  I am waiting to hear from you!

Update 12/2/19

It’s me Bruno – and I just had to share a little mini movie or two that I made for you wearing my festive holiday fashion!  I wanted to show you how well I know my commands plus my trick of tummy crawling.  I hope you like it!  I practice every day and I keep learning new things. My foster and I have worked very hard together to get me ready for my new home! I have my paws crossed that there will be a forever home for me in time for the holidays.  I’m soooooo ready for you!  Are you ready for me?

Update 12/13/19

Merry Christmas 2019
Wow, what a wonderful year I have had. When I look back over 2019, I am so thankful for all the loving care givers in my life! I have gone to school, had personal trainers and most of all loved till my heart overflows. This journey has not been easy for me and I can honestly say I don’t know where I would be if not for my awesome friends at GRRMF.
The year is ending with some changes for me as I recently went to live with a new foster family. We were all anxious because I am fearful of strangers. I met my Mom first. I had never had a Mom before. She smelled different, it was nice and she had treats which were even better!! I looked in her eyes and knew I was safe. Then my new foster Dad came. Oh boy, he had a hat on and sunglasses. I immediately let everyone know “stranger danger, strange danger” in my loudest, toughest voice. I was scared but he wasn’t! He had treats too! After a few minutes I figured out he was one of the good guys!
It has been about a week and I am settling in just fine. I have a brother Cane, who shares everything with me. We have a big basket full of toys! I really want to be a lap dog and will take snuggles every chance I get. If I can’t be in your lap, I least have to be touching you.
Every day we review all the stuff I learned, like “sit, down, crawl and paw”. I have tried to help my Mom clean off the counters, carry laundry around the house and put shoes away but she doesn’t seem to appreciate my help!
As this year comes to an end, again I want to say thank you and I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!!

Love, Bruno

Update New Years Eve

Hello!  It’s coming up on a New Year and I am determined to find you!  I know you are out there somewhere just waiting for me and I am right here waiting for you.  When I first landed in GRRMF, I will admit it wasn’t easy for me.  You see, I had a rough start in life and so I needed to work on managing my anxiety.  It still is a little bit scary to meet strangers but just like people, I am learning to understand that not everyone is “stranger danger”. Maybe this has happened to you and you may hesitate to meet strangers but do not worry – hand in paw, together we can do it by giving each other confidence.

I have come a million miles since I have been here and with lots of love, patience, training and understanding from my fosters, I have turned out to be a playful, handsome and loving young boy.

Please come find me, I want to go home with you for always.  You will need to fill out an application on line today and then if we are a match, my good friends at GRRMF will call you. In the meantime, just know that I will be waiting for you and hoping for our Happy New Year together.

Hoping to be Yours Truly –


Update June 4, 2020

Hi there – I am still looking for my perfect home!

I thought I would step up to the “plate” and “pitch” who I would pick for my new family!  Let’s see if we can fit together!

I would choose an individual or couple with no children because I want to be an only child.  I need someone who is very patient, has experience with dogs, and breeds other than just Golden Retrievers. Ideally, I would love to have a large yard or live where I could go on walks and not encounter other people.  I truly enjoy the company of other dogs and my humans. I am fiercely loyal, protective, eager to please and easy going.  I have a playful side and can be quite an instigator of mischief when the mood strikes me. I’m not bragging but I must admit that I am very smart and I still amaze my GRRMF foster family with how much I can learn.

Of course there are lots of details below that further describe me, so please read on and if you think we could be together, please get in touch with GRRMF.

Love, Bruno

The End of the Story – August 6, 2020

Then one day, his forever mom Katie arrived on the scene. She is the adult daughter of my foster family where I moved to back in December 2019 to continue my training and socialization with different interactions. She even changed my name (a new image-you know), I’m called Zeke. Mom started to work with me and the bond formed. She wanted to ensure she could meet all my needs before completing the adoption application. Zeke is now part of a wonderful forever family. I’m going to be living here forever!


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