Banjo strums his stuff

Banjo (now Bo) is another Healing Hearts success story

Banjo came to GRRMF because his owner could no longer afford to care for him. Poor Banjo had hair loss, crusty sores and red skin on his face, around his eyes, on his neck, legs, paws and tail…well just about everywhere!  GRRMF and our wonderful donors to the rescue with quality food, multiple soothing baths per week, medication and lots of LOVE. Banjo began to enjoy the comfort of skin that didn’t itch or bleed. After 2 months of treatment and care, Banjo was ready to be adopted!

A special family saw him and fell in love with this 9 year old sweetest of boys and took him home to continue his care and receive the love and forever family security Banjo (now Bo) truly deserved.

Mom Sue and Dad Ken recently helped Bo give GRRMF an update on how he is doing. We know this will bring smiles to your face as it did ours!

“My Mom and Dad told me that you wanted to know how I was doing and what a day in my life is like. I will try my best.

First a big thank you goes out to Maryann. Maryann was the first to take care of me when I arrived into GRRMF. She was the one who made sure I took my medicine for my skin and hair condition. She was very clever. She would disguise the medication in meatballs. But I knew it all along. I know she was trying to help me, so I gladly ate the meatballs. It was around the holidays and Maryann needed to visit family far away. So I went to Mr. and Mrs. Angles house for a short stay. That’s when I was first introduced to my Mom and Dad.  They came to visit me, and I could tell they really liked me. They took me for a walk and played with me.

A week later they took me home!  The first thing they did was take me to the pet store and pick out my bed. Of course they let me try them out to see which one I liked. Then they took me to the TENNIS BALL area.  I LOVE TENNIS BALLS!!!

Once we got home they showed me where I would be sleeping, where my food bowls were, and where of course I could keep my TENNIS BALLS!

The next day I got human and animal visitors.  They called the humans their Grandchildren and the animal visitor Figgy. I love Figgy- she has attitude but she is a visitor so I let her get away with it.

My day begins around 7 in the morning. I get good morning pets and sometimes big hugs.  Mom takes me for a walk around the neighborhood and then I come home to breakfast. She makes sure I take my vitamins to keep me healthy.  I watch her do her morning chores. (She does a lot of laundry)  Around 9:30 she lets me go outside and bask in the sun. I lay in the grass and watch the squirrels run around and the bunnies too.

After my Dad has lunch we go for a walk where I get to check out all the things going  on in the neighborhood. Men with big machines driving all over peoples yards. (Dad calls them Landscapers). We then venture back to an afternoon of napping. We also play fetch. My Dad does a great job fetching the tennis balls.

Later in the day when my sister Danielle comes home from work, we eat dinner, watch the news then go out for our evening stroll where I see the kids playing and if I play my cards right I might get some hugs. Then home again to my comfy bed for a good nights sleep.

I don’t do pools, but I love to get a bath and get brushed. A soon to be 12 year old needs to keep his image up.

Sometimes I hear them say that I’m such a smart dog. Like when I see them packing  these things called” bags” I know they are going away and of course I make sure they take me. As soon as I see the “bags” I know its time. I stand guard over the “bags” until my leash is on and I’m in the car.

So there you have it. A day in the life of Bo.

I really love these guys!!”

BO (formally Banjo)


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