Ruthie Jamie #3897

Ruthie Jamie #3897

Age: 14 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Status: Sanctuary

Update:  November 22, 2021

Ruthie has settled in nicely at her GRRMF forever home.  Her mom takes wonderful care of her and she is happy and content.  Ruthie’s favorite things to do are sleeping and eating! She’s a senior girl and is entitled to those luxuries at her age.    

Ruthie has had two laser treatments for the arthritis she has in her hind legs.  After two treatments, her mom has noticed that she is walking much better.  Following her last laser treatment, Ruthie also had a manicure and pedicure and she was a perfect lady for both.  This sweet girl is holding steady and enjoying her loving home, peaceful naps and good food – what else could a girl ask for!  


Update: February 14, 2021

Sweet Ruthie received a Valentine treat today.  Due to the results of her blood work and other issues, Ruthie will now spend her remaining years in the care and comfort of GRRMF’s Sanctuary Program.


Ruthie joined GRRMF in hopes of finding a loving home to spend her senior years.  She is a quiet girl with beautiful brown eyes that will melt your heart. 

Ruthie didn’t waste anytime checking her new foster home out.  Since she is a senior girl she minds her manners and quietly strolls through the house, checking each room out carefully. Sometimes her new fur buddy and foster brother, Max, walks along with her.  But don’t let her quiet ways and gentle eyes fool you, she still has a little mischief in her heart.  She will quietly sneak away and look for the bathrooms in the house. Not to potty, but to find “tissues” that she can pull out of the waste can and leave strewn all over the bathroom floor.  It’s great fun for her, especially if she doesn’t get caught.  Her foster mom is onto her now and makes sure all the bathroom doors are kept closed and the waste cans are out of reach.

Being older, Ruthie enjoys taking a good nap and likes to alternate from her two comfy beds that her foster mom has provided for her.  She loves a leisurely walk and will put the brakes on when her foster mom says it is time to go back inside. Car rides are the “best” and lots of petting and ear rubs rank high on her list of favorite things.  She goes into a crate all by herself and likes to take a rest on the soft mattress. 

Ruthie suffers from arthritis in her hind quarters and other areas of her body.  She is currently getting laser treatments several times a week to help with her arthritis, which seem to be helping her to walk longer distances.  Ruthie was also diagnosed as Heartworm positive and has started a regimen of oral medications to rid her of this disease.  Blood samples for a complete evaluation have been taken and the results are pending at this time.  

Her foster mom has been busy in the kitchen trying different ingredients such as chicken, veggies and scrambled egg to make Ruthie’s meals more palatable.  She is a picky eater, but perhaps the different medications are affecting her appetite for the moment. One thing her foster mom noticed is that she doesn’t turn her nose up at any treats!  Ruthie sometimes likes her meal and other times doesn’t but there’s one thing for sure – she loves her treats.  Soft or hard, big or small, if it’s a treat, she will gobble it up.

Ruthie is a gentle girl who is good with people and animals.  She ignores the wild critters and a cat she spotted on her walk, she is not aggressive around food, animals or people. Ruthie hasn’t met any children and although she would probably be good with them her foster mom thinks she would be safer in an adult home.  She has a mutual respect with her foster fur brother, who is also a senior dog.  They lay next to each other, she follows him around outdoors and they sit and have their treats together.  She will sit when her fur brother sits and she will be working on some other commands with her foster mom when she is feeling better.

This sweet girl likes to follow her foster mom around and would probably do it more if it wasn’t for the arthritis. “She has the most soulful eyes, when you look at her you feel she may have had a hard life and that she is so grateful to now be in a place that will give her the care and love she deserves,” states her foster mom.  Ruthie is grateful to have been rescued by GRRMF and to be in a loving home with her fur buddy, Max and special chef (a/k/a foster mom).  She hopes she will be feeling well soon to enjoy peaceful walks and restful naps in the warm sun in her forever home.


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