Rusty Abe #2875

Rusty Abe #2875

older golden resting on couch

Age: 14 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Status: Sanctuary

Rusty Abe Himself is Checking In – April 26, 2019


Hello there!  Yes it’s me – Rusty – you might remember me, I came into GRRMF in pretty rough shape and I didn’t think anyone would ever want me.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  My family loved me immediately – even though I wasn’t the most handsome or desirable dog at that time.

Well look at me now!  My canine siblings surround me with love and fun every day and my Mommy tells me that I am a pretty dapper looking dude these days (I’m the guy all the way in the back of my canine family picture).  Yup, I am a 14 year old gorgeous (well so I hear from all the humans) Golden Retriever and believe it or not I am the king of the pack and our home.

l love to romp in the backyard – it keeps me young with a spring in my step.  I do enjoy walking to the edge of our pool, although I am not a big fan of getting in – but that sunshine and sparkling water is so calming. I am still not that keen on other dogs that I see on my walks but my brothers and sisters and family get me through it.  Even though my eyesight and hearing is not that good anymore I still rule the neighborhood.  I have an amazing “king of the forest roar” and even though I may sound ferocious I am an especially gentle soul when the grand-dogs come to visit.  Who would have thought that my hair would grow back so wonderfully that I would get to go the spa for grooming?

I am gentle and kind with all of the human babies that come over and you know what?  They love me the best.  My Mommy tells me often that my family fell in love with me on the very first day I found them and I know I am their very very very special boy.  I can always feel that love in my heart and soul and if you closely at my pictures, you will see, that for me, every day truly is a blessing with my family.  What could be better for me than a house filled with never ending hugs and kindness for me?

My life is simply the best and I owe it all to GRRMF for finding me the most special and best home and family that I could ever have hoped to have for always!

Words of love from Rusty’s foster mom:

“Every now and then a golden comes into your life that deserves unconditional love and care – Rusty Abe was definitely one,” reports mom Kristi. “Rusty was 70% discolored skin with open sores and callouses, infected ears and his smell arrived before his beautiful brown eyes. Our three goldens accepted Rusty in spite of his looks and smell, a true testament that dogs love unconditionally. The long and tedious recovery process began with a holistic approach of natural herbal supplements and quality food. Rusty began to grow fur and lost that horrific odor after six months.

Over time Rusty developed separation anxiety and a fear of others and canines outside the home that individual and group training did not help him overcome. We knew in our hearts that he was a special needs dog and wasn’t going anywhere. Rusty loved us and we loved him in spite of his fears. He is alive, he is loved and he brings us happiness. Rusty has a place to lay his head forever as part of our family in a home of adults, babies, toddlers, dogs and friends. He is one of us!!!”


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