Rusty Abe #2875

Rusty Abe #2875

older golden resting on couch

Age: 13 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Status: Sanctuary

Words of love from Rusty’s foster mom:

“Every now and then a golden comes into your life that deserves unconditional love and care – Rusty Abe was definitely one,” reports mom Kristi. “Rusty was 70% discolored skin with open sores and callouses, infected ears and his smell arrived before his beautiful brown eyes. Our three goldens accepted Rusty in spite of his looks and smell, a true testament that dogs love unconditionally. The long and tedious recovery process began with a holistic approach of natural herbal supplements and quality food. Rusty began to grow fur and lost that horrific odor after six months.

Over time Rusty developed separation anxiety and a fear of others and canines outside the home that individual and group training did not help him overcome. We knew in our hearts that he was a special needs dog and wasn’t going anywhere. Rusty loved us and we loved him in spite of his fears. He is alive, he is loved and he brings us happiness. Rusty has a place to lay his head forever as part of our family in a home of adults, babies, toddlers, dogs and friends. He is one of us!!!”