Cindy Scarlett #3443

Cindy Scarlett #3443

Age: 9 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Status: Sanctuary

Update:  November 21, 2023

Cindy, still lovingly called “Cinderella-Bella” or “Bella” for short by her mom, spent several months this year battling the pain of severe arthritis.

Thanks to a period of self-isolating, aided by Carvopet, mobility chews and probiotics, this spunky and spirited sweetheart has not only bounced back, she’s more active and energetic than ever. Thriving on her usual two full walks a day – jogging the entire way — she amazes and impresses her adoring mom, filling her heart with joy, by running, playing with her toys, and her mom’s favorite, jumping on the bed and snuggling in her back.

Ever the effervescent, affectionate and beautiful soul, Cindy/Bella remains her grateful mom’s constant companion, so much so that the usually well behaved golden will exhibit a rare display of impatience should her mom stop and talk to her friends while they’re walking. In fact, when her mom stops, Bella actually grabs the leash by the top and tries pulling her along. If she doesn’t comply quickly enough, Bella lies down and attempts to chew through the leash so that she can continue walking on her own!

Famously fond of her mom’s shoes, she’ll gleefully grab one (being a lady, she never chews on it), glance sideways at her mom and walk ever-so-innocently past her, plush, plumed tail wagging. She merrily makes each shoe her temporary favorite that she keeps with her constantly until the next one catches her eye.

Still capable of melting her mom’s heart every day, “Cinderella-Bella” still savors having her belly rubbed, going for rides in the car and last but certainly not least, either watching or chasing every squirrel, lizard and bunny she sees scampering round the backyard.

Update:  January 3, 2022

Cindy had a nice visit with two of our own special volunteers who took care of her while her foster family was away during the holidays.  She immediately fit in with their two fur babies but she wasn’t fond of the sounds from the kennel or the noises from the nearby road. Cindy learned to ignore the noises; since she was staying in first class accommodations she wasn’t about to complain.  She was granted a special invitation to share a comfy bed with her hostess who said she was the perfect guest who didn’t snore or hog the bed.  

During her stay she claimed a spot on the sofa and especially enjoyed sitting there when one or both of her host friends would join her.  Her mom calls her Bella (Cinderella-Bella) which she responded very well to for her host family. This sweet girl loves being the center of attention and truly enjoyed the affection and attention she was given as a special guest.  

When it was time to go home, “Cinderella-Bella” was delighted to see her mom. She sure did enjoy her visit and her new friends hope she will come again shining her happy smile and wagging her tail. 


Update: December 12, 2020

Not only has Cindy blossomed during this past year, she’s bloomed, growing in confidence and becoming more of the lap dog her doting mom loves.

Despite the passing of Hazel, her supportive sister, she’s found her own “footing”, is sweeter than sweet and happiest when in her own secure world. She now goes out into the backyard alone to soak up the sun, plays contentedly with her toys and eagerly engages in games of fetch. 

Not that she doesn’t crave cuddle time — and paw-lenty of it — because she does! To Cindy, cuddling with her mom on the couch is pure doggy bliss. She’s even accompanied her to work, staying quiet and calm in the company of her mom’s co-workers, although she’s still not interested in socializing with other dogs.

Famously fond of car rides and walks, she’s walking longer distances each day, and with low weight no longer an issue, she now has to count her calories! Her pet peeve, however, remains, bath time. Unlike most Goldens who thrive on being pampered and bathed, the most Cindy will tolerate, to date, is being brushed. Health wise, she’s still on a special diet due to her pancreatic insufficiency and still suffers from ear infections that her mom conscientiously tends to and the vet monitors.

“What makes me smile,” says Cindy’s mom, “is the proud way she prances around with one of her toys or mail that I’ve put aside to recycle. Or when we’re in the car and she leans against my shoulder, putting her head close to mine to see what I see. 

“She’s just a funny, adorable, sweet little girl and I love her with my full heart.”


Cindy Scarlett came to GRRMF suffering from malnutrition, a urinary tract infection (UTI), and mite infestation. Lab work diagnosed her with EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency) and she requires pancreatic enzymes mixed with wet food and a low fat diet. Her special needs to ensure this potentially deadly disease stays in check and she has the consistent care and monitoring, Cindy has been selected as a GRRMF Sanctuary pup as of April 1.


Cindy continues to gain confidence but still needs the back up and reassurance of her mom and sister Hazel. Her health has improved, achieving weight gain to 50 lbs in January and in continuous need of her special diet, medication and enzymes to survive. To support her well-being requires a lifetime budget of approximately $300 per month to continue her progress and maintain her health. Her mom continues to work on her commands, recognizing her name, eye contact and helping Cindy relax and trust. Each day she gets a little more comfortable with things she has reacted to in the past and is developing into a typical two-year old sometimes “forgetting” her behavior training. She loves her foster sister and is always by her side ready to play.


Each night she THANKS each of you and GRRMF for embracing her and helping her survive. With her belly full, she is beginning to feel better and she is experiencing the loving interaction of a human – what a wonderful feeling that must be to a once scared and starving youngster!  How priceless is that!!


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