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Available Golden Retrievers

Featured below are just some of the many golden retrievers we have available for adoption. Each week we accept additional golden retrievers into our program who then receive their veterinary checkups and are moved to foster homes for basic evaluation or to complete any medical treatment they may need before being released. If you see a dog with a status of available soon, we accept applications and inquiries from those already approved, with the understanding that they will be a bit longer in our care before being released.

If you are serious about adopting, please submit an adoption application so you'll be ready when that special dog catches your eye. Once an application is approved, we work hard to match them with a perfect companion. The adoption timeframe can vary based on the qualities you desire in your golden and the needs of your family. GRRMF cannot predict what golden retrievers will come into our program at any given time. We ask your patience as our volunteer staff works to find you your ideal companion.

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Be sure to click on the photos below for a close up view and and please check back often for updates.


Charlie Shiloh 3315

Biscuit Macoy 3241

Lizzie Janis 3291

Charlie Shiloh 3315 Age: 12 years
Gender: male
Breed: golden retriever mix
Weight: 50 lbs.
Status: available

Found as a stray, Charlie is a sweet little guy with lovely manners. If you suggest to him that he should take a treat “nicely” he will take it gently between his teeth. Although he keeps an eye on his foster mom, she says he’s not a super Velcro kind of dog.

Charlie likes car rides and his daily walk but needs a little work so that he doesn’t pull on the leash. He enjoys his foster siblings and gets along well with the cat – although he is interested in playing with it. Charlie is a well-organized guy who likes to keep his toys piled up and not scattered all over the house. Now THAT’S a super pup!

Charlie is housebroken, knows all his commands, doesn’t need to be crated, and isn’t afraid of thunder. All around, Charlie is a great guy looking for a special home to welcome him with lots of belly rubs and kisses.

Biscuit Macoy 3241 Age: 10 years
Gender: male
Breed: golden retriever mix
Weight: 75 lbs.
Status: available

Biscuit is a senior boy who wants to be your favorite companion and relax by your side. He has a calm disposition, shows no anxiety to thunderstorms and is friendly with other dogs and people. Although on Rimadyl for knee arthritis, it does not slow this boy down who loves catching tennis balls and going for walks so he can sniff and explore.

Biscuit is quiet by nature but becomes very talkative during his meal preparation trying to speed up the process and a great vocal greeter at the door every time you arrive home.

Biscuit is looking for a forever family that will appreciate the devotion a well-mannered senior has to offer. Having been raised from a pup by one owner, he is ready to embrace each new day with happy tail wags and affection just for you!

Lizzie Janis 3291 Age: 2 years
Gender: female
Breed: golden retriever
Weight: 79 lbs.
Status: available

Lizzie came to GRRMF after her family moved to assisted living and could not take her with them. Lizzie is a dear and has finished her therapy dog training. She is well behaved, knows most of her commands and is housebroken, but being a typical 2-year-old, she occasionally needs to be reminded of right from wrong.

Lizzie doesn’t chase squirrels or lizards but stares at them and barks. If they run, so does she, but usually in the opposite direction! Lizzie does well with children and other dogs.

Lizzie has a congenital cardiac defect which could reduce her life expectancy. She will require daily medicines and a visit the cardiologist twice a year, all requiring some additional expenses. Yet even on restricted exercise, this hasn't stop Lizzie from enjoying life and being a typical happy girl! Need a special lady? Lizzie could be your girl!

Lucky Janis 3288

Oatmeal Abhi 3308

Promise Ali 3309

Lucky Janis 3288 Age: 10 years
Gender: female
Breed: golden retriever
Weight: 93 lbs.
Status: available

Lucky is the family who adopts Lucky Janis. She has been well trained and knows her commands and if asked to "stay" she will stay put.

Lucky enjoys her toys, playing fetch, walks and lots of love and belly rubs. She gets along well with other animals. Storms don't bother this brave gal - even a vacuum will only encourage her to move out of the way but she's not afraid.

Lucky has a mellow personality and will entertain herself or follow you around until you have time to pay attention to her. About the only issue Lucky has is a bit of difficulty with her hips so she would be better in a one floor home. Are you the fortunate family that will give Lucky her forever home?

Oatmeal Abhi 3308 Age: 16 months
Gender: male
Breed: golden retriever
Weight: 69 lbs.
Status: adopted 10/4/2015

Oatmeal found his forever
home and family!

Congratulations to Oatmeal
and his new family!

red adopted heart icon

Promise Ali 3309 Age: 12 years
Gender: female
Breed: golden retriever
Weight: 67 lbs.
Status: available

Promise arrived in GRRMF when her family moved into a home that did not allow large dogs. She is an easy going girl who loves being close to her humans to get head scratches and will give you a gentle nudge of your hand if you stop. She has fun hanging out with her foster golden brothers, although when the boys get too rough, she will watch from the safety of her cozy bed.

Promise likes to explore the yard and especially enjoys her yummy snacks. She does have some issues sliding on tile floors and use of puppy socks helps her be more sure footed. If you want a gentle girl with beautiful big brown eyes who will adore you, let us know you want to open your heart and home to this loving senior.

Mason Jose 3293

Annie Aspen 3254

Muffin Jody 3283

Mason Jose 3293 Age: 13 years
Gender: male
Breed: golden retriever
Weight: 78 lbs.
Status: available

A stray found by students with a small apartment, Mason is a sweet boy who is approximately 13 years old. Although he has eye sight problems, he does well finding his way about the house, to his people and his food and water bowls. A lovable guy, Mason seldom barks and enjoys lying near his foster siblings and foster mom.

At his vet’s suggestion, Mason is working on slimming down. He enjoys walking and although he tugs occasionally, he walks well on a leash. Storms don’t seem to upset Mason – he’s just a laid back sweetie.

The family that finds room in their heart for this senior golden will be blessed with the best golden’s have to offer…unconditional love.

Annie Aspen 3254 Age: 10 years
Gender: female
Breed: golden retriever
Weight: 64 lbs.
Status: available

Annie came to GRRMF after being found in a shelter with a large cyst on her tail requiring immediate attention. Have you ever tried keeping a happy golden from tail wagging it so it would heal properly? Not an easy feat. Thanks to our vet and foster family’s gentle care, she has successfully healed but with a slightly shorter tail – her new endearing trademark. Through it all she has been an absolute delight. Annie is also completing her series of medicated baths to clear up her itchy skin.

Annie is completely housebroken and has wonderful inside manners. Some work is needed with training on commands but she’s getting there. This Velcro girl is confident as well as a cuddle bug. She ignores the cats, enjoys the foster’s dog and all the animals she has met on her walks. She rides well in the car and loves to be petted and brushed. Annie loves to be around her humans and is an all-around great girl who will need a special family to care for her aging needs, making the next years her best ever!

Muffin Jody 3283 Age: 10 years
Gender: female
Breed: golden retriever
Weight: 76 lbs.
Status: available

Surrendered when her family had to relocate, Muffin is a very sweet senior lady. She loves visiting with the neighbors – human or dog as well as kitties. Muffin adores being petted and enjoys snuggling on the sofa or belly rubs on the floor. She follows her foster mom around and enjoys being nearby.

Always ready for a trip, Muffin will lay quietly in the backseat and has little difficulty getting out, though she appreciates a boost up into the car. As with most folks, age is just a state of mind and Muffin is a young lady at heart. With the help of her foster family Muffin is now a healthy weight, more active and enjoying long daily walks and chasing lizards on the porch. Not afraid to be left alone, Muffin behaves herself and waits patiently for her human family to return greeting them with happy tail wagging.

This gorgeous lady deserves a loving home that will share her enthusiasm for life. Is it yours?

Sam Jack 3280

Sam Jack 3280 Sam Jack 3280 Sam Jake 3280

Sam on the left upon arrival at GRRMF and Sam on the right working on slimming down. Click on the photos for larger images.

Age: 4.5 years   Gender: male   Breed: golden retriever   Status: pending adoption
Weight: Intake 168 lbs. red start icon weigh in on 10/4 now at 126 lbs.

Sam is also losing inches: Since July 4th his neck went from 21 to 19 inches; His girth from 44 to 40 inches.
He is becoming more playful and we know he just feels so much better due to his wonderful foster family!

Surrendered to GRRMF when his owner died, Sam blended comfortably with his foster family and his many foster siblings. Although he had plenty of playmates, he preferred to just catch a ball or snooze. That was Sam’s initial status when he arrived in his foster home.

Sam is now benefiting from a healthy diet with lots of exercise and is starting to jump around and be interested in playing. Sam’s diet consists of Wellness Core Low Fat dry dog food with a cup of baby carrots in the morning and evening. His exercise routine includes long walks twice daily. Sam’s walks are a huge treat for him as the neighborhood children enjoy meeting him and he definitely loves the attention. Sam and his foster mom use the ResQwalk app that helps earn funds for GRRMF with each step they take toward health and fitness. We would love for you to check out this app and make your dog walk help out GRRMF.

Keep your eye on Sam as he continues to get into shape, in fact his new “man about town physique” has earned him an admirer; an adopter who had already submitted their application wants to bring Sam home with them once he reaches his healthy weight.

Be sure you have a current adoption application on file with us so you’ll be ready when you see your next best friend appear on this Available Goldens webpage.



If you can't adopt at this time, please consider making a donation in support of these loving Goldens while they wait for their special family.



Adoption Information

Thank you for your interest in adopting a golden retriever from GRRMF. The links below will provide information about our adoption process and an application form.

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