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Available Golden Retrievers


Featured below are just some of the many golden retrievers we have available for adoption. Each week we accept additional golden retrievers into our program who then receive their veterinary checkups and then move to foster homes.

If you are serious about adopting, please submit an adoption application so you'll be ready when that special dog catches your eye. Once an application is approved, we work hard to match them with a perfect companion. The adoption timeframe can vary based on the qualities you desire in your golden and the needs of your family. GRRMF cannot predict what golden retrievers will come into our program at any given time. We ask your patience as our volunteer staff works to find you your ideal companion.

Thank you for visiting and please come back often.

Rosie Onyx 3197

Finn Archer 3174

Tanner Jess 3172

Rosie Onyx 3197 Age: 6 years
Gender: female
Breed: golden retriever
Weight: 65 lbs.
Status: available soon

Rosie is a very sweet girl who is settling into her foster home nicely. She was lovingly placed with us by a heartbroken owner who could no longer care for her.

Rosie is housebroken, dog and cat friendly and enjoys going for walks, doing so nicely on her leash.

At this time she is being treated for skin issues and is enjoying a special diet of high-quality food along with exercise to assist in restoring her golden-girl figure.

We hope you have your application on file with us. If not, now is the time to apply as Rosie will be ready for her forever home very soon.

Finn Archer 3174 Age: 2 years
Gender: male
Breed: golden retriever mix
Weight: 76 lbs.
Status: available

Finn came to us from a shelter and has been enjoying all the personal attention and care he has received in his foster home. He is a shy boy who needs some encouragement to let him know the new thinks he encounters are fine. He does better in a calmer, quieter environment and all the better if there is another furry companion to be his buddy, mentoring him and showing him all is fine.

He does well in the car and enjoys his daily walks. His favorite things are being brushed, petted and most of all to cuddle close. He believes he is the perfect lap dog and will give you his paw endlessly.

This boy will enjoy the attention of an adult family who will spoil him silly. Are you the right forever family for Finn?

Tanner Jess 3172 Age: 3 years
Gender: male
Breed: golden retriever
Weight: 60 lbs.
Status: available

GRRMF has an adorable newbie named Tanner! Lovingly surrendered by his owner who could not give him the attention he deserved, he is settling into his foster home after recently being neutered.

He is a bit of an anxious car rider, panting until he arrives at his destination. When he first meets you, he is a bit shy but quickly gains confidence and is a loving and Velcro boy. Tanner likes giving kisses and snuggling up, leaning close.

Watch for more information about Tanner as we give him time to adjust and observe his behaviors and happy times in foster care.

Sheeba Annie 3178

Laura Meg 3138

Shadow Justin 3155

Sheeba Annie 3178 Age: 8.5 years
Gender: female
Breed: golden retriever mix
Weight: 80 lbs.
Status: available

Sheeba came to GRRMF when her owner could no longer care for her. She is a youthful gal who loves to play with her foster canine buddy and gallop in the backyard. She is well mannered, can be trusted when left alone, and walks well on a leash. Healthier eating habits and daily exercise are helping her to trim down.

Sheeba loves to converse with her humans by joining in the conversation and has a very expressive face when something sparks her attention. Her head tilts and her ears perk up so high that her brow wrinkles with excitement.

Do you need someone to start off your day with happy tail wags and joyful conversation? If so, Sheeba is waiting for you as her forever home!

Laura Meg 3138 Age: 4 years
Gender: female
Breed: golden retriever mix
Weight: 60 lbs.
Status: adopted 10/18/2014

Laura found her forever
home and family!

Congratulations to Laura
and her new family!

Small red adopted heart graphic

Shadow Justin 3155 Age: 1.5 years
Gender: male
Breed: flat coat retriever / mix
Weight: 44 lbs.
Status: adopted 10/17/2014

Shadow found his forever
home and family!

Congratulations to Shadow
and his new family!

Small red adopted heart graphic

Hazel Joni 3161

Finley Jess 3165

Cody Shane 3185

Hazel Joni 3161 Age: 20 months
Gender: female
Breed: golden retriever mix
Weight: 52 lbs.
Status: available

After a bit of a rough start, Hazel is now a healthy and happy girl who enjoys all the love, attention, food and fun she can avail herself of. Hazel came to us with a damaged elbow that resulted in the need to amputate her leg but has completely healed from her surgery and seems to be taking in and loving her new lease on life.

Hazel loves all her toys & balls and can be found throwing them around by herself. She's not crazy about water but will agree to getting into her life jacket and going for a swim to help strengthen her back legs and improve muscle tone.

Hazel is good with other dogs and loves being outside playing, watching airplanes and birds in the sky or just curling up in the shade of some trees. She also loves to go with you for car rides and when home, loves to cuddle and finding soft places to curl up and sleep.

Hazel would be good in a forever home with people around all the time, a secure yard to play in and a furry sibling to wrestle with. Do you have a place in your heart and home for this special girl?

Finley Jess 3165 Age: 2 years
Gender: male
Breed: golden retriever
Weight: 59 lbs.
Status: available

Finley is a lovable boy who enjoys being near people. He has a favorite spot on his chest he likes rubbed and will voice his approval. He gets along with his foster siblings, enjoys romping in the backyard and likes going for car rides. He enjoys daily walks and does nicely on a harness as long as you donít encounter squirrels, cats, dogs, lizards, as he wants to bark and chase them all.

Finley is not fond of thunderstorms and will go under a bed when one is coming. He also has a chronic intestinal issue that requires a special easily digestible diet. It is extremely important that he be monitored to ensure he doesnít eat anything inappropriate.

Finley would benefit from obedience classes to polish his skills and help channel his wonderful energy in positive ways. Will you look after his diet, help him through thunderstorms and help him channel his energy in gentlemanly fashion? If so, he will love you unconditionally in return.

Cody Shane 3185 Age: 12 years
Gender: male
Breed: golden retriever
Weight: 86 lbs.
Status: pending adoption

Cody Shane was lovingly surrendered to GRRMF when his family had to relocate and sadly could not take him with them. He enjoys leisure walks, car rides and exploring in the backyard.

Coming from a one dog household, Cody has integrated easily with two foster siblings and displays a mellow personality. He likes his daily naps and will go off by himself to find a quiet place to rest then return to join in the group activities. His funniest antic is hiding his head in your lap when he doesnít want to be ďseenĒ by anyone.

Cody is a gentle senior who enjoys the companionship of his humans and is eager to participate in low-impact family outings. He is ready to bestow his tail wagging approval and lots of affection on his forever family.

Ellie Shae 3190

Ellie Shae 3190 Ellie Shae 3190 Ellie Shae 3190 Ellie Shae 3190 Ellie Shae 3190
Click on the photos above for larger images.

Age: 9 months   Gender: female   Breed: golden retriever / mix   Weight: 35 lb.   Status: available soon

Ellie is all bouncing puppy but will also pay attention to commands. To get her total attention, she just needs a gentle rub under her chin. When she is curious, she stretches her neck like a prairie dog to see whatís going on. She has shown some stealthy skills rummaging through bags to find fun items to chew on so for now, all bets are off on items left uncovered within her reach that catch her attention.

Ellie just arrived at her foster home and is settling into her surroundings. She will be receiving gentle guidance and plenty of love and attention so we will have more to report shortly.


Meet Our Special Brother Duo:
Marshall and Chopper


Marshall Frank 2999   Chopper Javier 3101

Marshall Frank 2999  is:   Age: 8 years   Gender: male   Breed: golden retriever / mix   Weight: 58 lb.   Status: available

Chopper Javier 3101 is:   Age: 7 years   Gender: male   Breed: golden retriever / mix   Weight: 88 lb.   Status: available

GRRMF has another pair! These two boys found each other only after their arrival in GRRMF. Marshall arrived from a shelter in 2013 heartworm positive and went through a lengthy period of treatment and recovery. Today he is working on how to be a confident dog as his unknown prior history has left him shy and lacking confidence. Enter Chopper in 2014, also from a shelter and also heartworm positive upon arrival. Chopper however is a confident, happy go lucky, sloppy kisser, trail blazing, adventure seeking big boy. GRRMF put these two boys together and magic happened! Chopper is showing his brother Marshall the ropes on how to have fun and be brave and itís working as Marshall is a happier dog as a result!

Both boys love to hang out together, explore their backyard and watch TV with their foster parents. Marshall is not a big walker or runner but enjoys being outside exploring the back yard so when Chopper goes for a walk, Marshall waits patiently in the courtyard for him to return. At one time the courtyard was a scary place for him but now he's calm knowing his buddy Chopper will return. His foster dad said that one day, when they were coming home from a walk they saw Marshall being introduced to and being fine with meeting other dogs and people in the neighborhood. Thatís progress!

Although neither dog is a purebred golden, both are truly special to all the GRRMF volunteers who know them. Marshall is stunning with beautiful piercing brown eyes. He has a special need to be in a quiet, loving, consistent and nurturing environment. He will reward you with his adoration and love. Chopper is a mentor, fun loving boy who was so close to being euthanized and found his way to GRRMF through Loving Friends Transport, our angels with wings and wheels. His golden spirit shines through in everything he does and for everyone he meets. We believe he is paying it forward by being a big brother to Marshall.

Chopper loves mentoring Marshall and in turn, Marshall adores and has blossomed with his new brother Chopper. We would like to meet that very special family that will adopt them together.

Marshall and Chopper hanging out together in the back yard

Marshall and Chopper hanging out together in the back yard   Marshall and Chopper hanging out together in the back yard

Marshall Frank 2999  Marshall Frank 2999  Marshall Frank 2999

Marshall Frank 2999  Marshall Frank 2999

Chopper Javier 3101

Chopper Javier 3101 Chopper Javier 3101

Marshall and Chopper hanging out together in the back yard



If you can't adopt at this time, please consider making a donation in support of these loving Goldens while they wait for their special family.

Adoption Information

Thank you for your interest in adopting a golden retriever from GRRMF. The links below will provide information about our adoption process and an application form.

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  Mail or fax to:
PO Box 1449
Goldenrod FL 32733
FAX: [Toll-Free]

Check our link below for pictures of successfully adopted Goldens!

Adopted Golden sitting on bench

See all our wonderful Goldens that have found their forever families!

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