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Available Golden Retrievers

Featured below are just some of the many golden retrievers we have available for adoption. Each week we accept additional golden retrievers into our program who then receive their veterinary checkups and are moved to foster homes for basic evaluation or to complete any medical treatment they may need before being released. If you see a dog with a status of available soon, we accept applications and inquiries from those already approved, with the understanding that they will be a bit longer in our care before being released.

If you are serious about adopting, please submit an adoption application so you'll be ready when that special dog catches your eye. Once an application is approved, we work hard to match them with a perfect companion. The adoption timeframe can vary based on the qualities you desire in your golden and the needs of your family. GRRMF cannot predict what golden retrievers will come into our program at any given time. We ask your patience as our volunteer staff works to find you your ideal companion.

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Be sure to click on the photos below for a close up view and and please check back often for updates.


Suzy Monica 3244

Lambeau Ash 3255

Elliott Mitch 3259

Suzy Monica 3244 Age: 9 months
Gender: female
Breed: golden retriever/Great Pyrenees mix
Weight: 35 lbs.
Status: pending adoption

Suzy recently arrived in rescue from a breeder who left Suzy and other dogs and puppies in the woods to fend for themselves. She was lovingly transported to GRRMF by Loving Friends Transport.

Our shy, timid girl is gaining confidence in herself and the new world around her. She is learning humans can be gentle, caring people. Reluctant at first to even accept treats, she is beginning to trust her foster family, loves being petted and will give kisses. Suzy is very comfortable around her foster siblings and is discovering toys are fun as is relaxed, safe time to nap and sunbath in the grass.

This little girl is searching for a forever family that will continue to give her gentle guidance and a loving environment that will allow her to flourish. Is your family the special one she will choose?

Lambeau Ash 3255 Age: 5 years
Gender: male
Breed: golden retriever
Weight: 70 lbs.
Status: available

Meet cuddle champion Lambeau who has an insatiable appetite for giving and receiving affection. Walks are high on his list and he’s quite the social butterfly, receive attention from everyone he meets.

Lambeau is an affectionate Velcro boy who adores his humans but can also be independent and displays no separation anxiety. He loves to engage in playtime and acts more like a puppy than his age. He likes playing with balls and rubber toys and is learning that shredding soft toys and his bedding is not appropriate behavior.

Currently being treated for an ear infection, Lambeau will begin his search for his forever family very soon. Only those who love to cuddle and bestow unlimited affection need apply for this boy’s devotion.

Elliott Mitch 3259 Age: 2 years
Gender: male
Breed: golden retriever
Weight: 80 lbs.
Status: available soon

Meet bouncing Elliot who came to us when his owners could no longer care for him. He is very smart and knows all his basic commands; he just chooses when to listen. Elliott is a fun loving boy that likes to chase lizards and squirrels. He gets along with other dogs and hasn’t met a human he didn’t like.

Elliot needs a little guidance on his inside house manners. Being a rambunctious 2 year old, he forgets that running through the house is not acceptable, but a quick command brings him sliding in to sit at your feet. Elliot will need a family that is willing to give him plenty of exercise, consistency and follow through of training commands.

Elliot will be ready for his new home soon. Presently, he is undergoing treatment for his skin and needs to be neutered. Do you have time, energy and patience for a young, wiggly, tail wagging, got to play kind of guy in your house? Elliot may be your forever dog!

Sheba Aspen 3250

Biscuit Macoy 3241

Samson Mitch 3258

Sheba Aspen 3250 Age: 3 years
Gender: female
Breed: golden retriever
Weight: 65 lbs.
Status: adopted 5/22/2015

Sheba found her forever home and family!

Congratulations to Sheba
and her new family!

Small red adopted heart graphic

Biscuit Macoy 3241 Age: 10 years
Gender: male
Breed: golden retriever mix
Weight: 83 lbs.
Status: available

Biscuit was lovingly surrendered by his owner who raised him from a pup and taught him good house manners. He is on medication for arthritis in his left knee and has skin issues that are being addressed. Biscuit enjoys socializing with children and other dogs, greeting them with happy tail wags. He loves hanging out with his foster mom and rest his head on her chest while receiving extra love and snuggle time.

Biscuit has a unique way of “talking” to greet you when you arrive home and will capture your heart with his charming personality and gentle mannerisms.

Samson Mitch 3258 Age: 5 years
Gender: male
Breed: golden retriever mix
Weight: 52 lbs.
Status: available soon

Samson came to GRRMF when his family could no longer care for him. This cuddly, Velcro boy loves to be with his people.

Samson is a bit unsure of himself and can be easily startled, but he is slowly gaining more confidence each day. He does like going for walks and meeting and greeting new people and animals.

Samson is housebroken, knows some commands and is learning others quickly. While not a big issue, Samson doesn’t care to be left alone for long periods of time, and would definitely prefer a calm and peaceful house with another dog to keep him company and play with him.

Remy Ash 3247

Camden Devin 3222

Fergie Jose 3227

Remy Ash 3247 Age: 9 years
Gender: male
Breed: golden retriever mix
Weight: 68 lbs.
Status: available soon

Sometimes we don't have time to spend training a young dog. If that is your situation, then get to know Mr. Remy. He is a 9 year young golden mix that acts like a 5 year old with perfect manners. Found in an abandoned house with kitties as his only housemates, Remy is now receiving the tender loving care he needs.

Remy’s allergies have created a skin problem that is being treated and his coat is responding well. While he wants to be near his human and will keep an eye on them, he can also entertain himself or cuddle up on his bed for a snooze all by himself. Remy listens to commands and is easily redirected if he happens to get into something he shouldn't.

Remy is a very sweet and happy boy that loves to go for rides in the car, walks, exploring the yard and playing with other dogs. One look into those soulful eyes and you melt knowing you will love this boy forever.

Camden Devin 3222 Age: 2 years
Gender: male
Breed: golden retriever mix
Weight: 67 lbs.
Status: adopted 5/20/2015

Camden found his forever home and family!

Congratulations to Camden
and his new family!

Small red adopted heart graphic

Fergie Jose 3227 Age: 6 years
Gender: female
Breed: golden retriever mix
Weight: 45 lbs.
Status: available

Fergie was found by a GRRMF volunteer at an animal shelter. This adorable girl loves car rides, going for short walks and exploring the great outdoors. She is housebroken and has great inside manners

Fergie does not care for other animals, so needs to be an only child. She is so affectionate to her humans, and will snuggle with you on the couch or bed.

Fergie has finished her HW treatment and is ready for her forever family! She is anxious to find a home where she is the queen, has a fenced yard and an open heart to love her forever.


If you can't adopt at this time, please consider making a donation in support of these loving Goldens while they wait for their special family.

Adoption Information

Thank you for your interest in adopting a golden retriever from GRRMF. The links below will provide information about our adoption process and an application form.

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 green_paw Adoption Application - Online
 green_paw Adoption Application - Print PDF Form
  Mail or fax to:
PO Box 1449
Goldenrod FL 32733
FAX: [Toll-Free]

Help the Goldens

If you can't adopt right now, please consider helping us by making a donation.

GRRMF is 100% donor supported.

All donations are Tax Deductible and greatly appreciated. Our sweet goldens Thank you!

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Check our link below for pictures of successfully adopted Goldens!

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