Weight Loss Tips for Your Dog

It's never too late.....

Here are some tips to help your dog reach his goal weight:

1.   Measure food out in daily portions and use that food for treats as well as meals.

2.   Never guess at amounts. Use a food scale.

3.   Become familiar with the caloric measurements of your dog’s food.

4.   Avoid processed treats; instead, seek out healthy single-ingredient treats (such as fresh vegetables and fruit) – and know how many calories they contain!

5.   Use play, praise, petting (only in forms the dog enjoys), or attention instead of treats to reward good behavior.

6.   Some dogs use food-seeking behavior as a way to seek attention. Try substituting play, petting, and other forms of interaction instead of giving in to that request for a snack.

7.   Walk with your dog. Slowly increase distance as your dog builds stamina.

8.   Play with your dog! Look for toys that interest your dog and encourage movement.

9.   If your dog gets bored with a toy, put it away to bring out at a later time and try a new one.

10.   If your dog likes to play with other dogs, schedule play dates with appropriate play partners.

11.   Place your dog’s food bowl in a different place at every meal; turn “going to find the bowl” into a “search and find” game.

12.   Use a food-dispensing toy so that your dog gets exercise and enrichment while eating.

For more details and advice on supporting your dog’s health, check out The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook.


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